This area is a big Food Supplier…both Beef and Crops.  It also holds one of Washington State’s largest crop Food Processing plants.  Twin City Foods, Inc.  My wife works there. Many years, now.

Here the Plant is filled with a diversity of general laborers.  Mostly Mexicans. Asians next.

We get along well with both. To the point we get FIELD WORKER’S reports…as well as on Plant Production. MUCH “INSIDE” INFORMATION.  Aho?

What is shared is “scary.”  WE ARE IN TROUBLE!

Corn production (the Plant’s main processing) is DRASTICALLY DOWN.  And I MEAN drastically!

NO LONGER BUYING FARMERS’ CROPS in ALL surrounding (as well as our own) counties.


Lima Beans….Ditto.

The Mexican migrant field workers tell their people what’s happing in various crops they work in…USA wide.  THINGS “WE” DONT KNOW (as yet).

Sugar and other beets WAY DOWN.  Asparagus: WAY DOWN.  GRAPES: “Terrible output.”  Carrots (one of TCFs main crops)….Way, WAY, down.

Citrus (oranges / etc.) “REALLY HURTING.”  Strawberries: Down “by a lot.”

As all are surely aware…BEES ARE NOT DOING WELL.  (One small Company HERE…that makes Bee Boxes…(and MANY years in this), has HAD TO CLOSE!  (I know the owner…”No Bees, No NEED for boxes.”)  Aho?

The list goes on and on.

I even get ‘tellings’ from people from around the world…THEY TOO Telling of CROP FAILURES!

Friends, we “ain’t doing well.”  Aho?


We (world) are HURTING.  BAD Hurting!

Main reason: WEATHER.

According to my “Great Vision”….INSECTS WILL BE YET ANOTHER “reason”.

Ok, telling.  Now up to you on what you can do for yourself and your family.    PREPARE!  (and NOT for just MONTHS….but YEARS!).   re



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