For various reasons, occasionally I get an Email  “re, I need a drum  (NA tone).”

They can be found on line…but generally are rather pricey.

$$ bad enough….but TONE even WORSE.

Until you receive you’ll have No Idea if it sounds like a “wet sack” or not as “deep” as you’d like.

The HIDE and SIZE is the deciding factor.

I find TOO SMALL makes more a THUMP noise….easier to take about, but…..

A 12 or 14 in. diameter works well in traveling / storing. Once you go to 20 in. and up…Not as easy….but BETTER TONE.  Aho?

For the DEEPEST tone, I prefer SHEEP HIDE…..its a THIN Hide tho.

I still prefer this over other hides. (But that’s MY “taste”)

I have Sheep / Beef / Buffalo / Elk / Horse /COYOTE.  The last is SUPER THIN….you just don’t store it…you “Pack” it.  CAREFULLY!  NOT a recommended hide (IF you can FIND one).

There are “Eskimo” drums…VERY Thin frame….a Whole Different sound.

Even “hides” using AIRCRAFT Fabric…and Others (as above) in-between.

Thus, IF you can actually VISIT the various types and TRY ‘em….often you are “taking a chance”.  Aho?

If you think ALL you need is a drum…THINK AGAIN!  You’ll need a “drum Stick,” aka the “pounder,” as well.

These TOO come in different type striking ends.  From VERY Stiff to SUPER Soft.  Each producing the “depth” of sound you want.

I use a number…”depending.”

One, VERY UNUSUAL, is a RUBBER GLOVE!  Filled finger tips (marbles / etc.).  SOUNDS LIKE 5 ARE STRIKING!  Various weights in each finger makes each beat SOUND LIKE AN ECHO!   (LOVE IT!)  This was my 5 yr. old GRANDSON’S (Sky) idea!  ( :

BUT…the CHEAPEST Drum…the EASIEST to carry, is a 2 LITER PLASTIC POP BOTTLE!  Take off the lid…cradle in one arm (in a manner that makes the most noise) and TAP WITH YOUR FINGER(S)!

I use this ALOT.  Doesn’t disturb the family.  I simply go in another room and have my “time.”  Aho?  I also use this in my Pickup…AND on MANY “Night Time Prayer time” in the wilderness.  SO QUIET IT DOES NOT DRAW UNWANTED COMPANY!

Once, using in a camp-out with a sleeper in his bag right beside me….he VERY slowly awoke.  THOUGHT I had a RADIO ON…LOW VOLUME!  (He now does the same).

Cheap enough for YOU to try.  Aho?

Be closing : NA Drumheads…IF too DAMP are “tightened” via holding over a fire (not TO close!).   If Too TIGHT….we WET it (water on hand and rubbed in).  If too Wet we also rub CORN MEAL on it (absorbs the over abundance) of dampness water).  Aho?

Anyway…hope this helps those interested.    re



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