Several hours working on Adam’s dome.  Moving stove to wall…insulating wall, chimney out the side..  What we expected to take perhaps 2 / 2 to 3 hours…well…STILL not done.
I had told him to get 3 more lengths of chimney pipe….got ONE!  No where NEAR the hight to clear the top of dome and away from domes “wind eddies”.  BACKFLUSH…SMOKE!  So much for THIS trip!  Will b 2 -3 wks before he can “do” again.
The hole in wall was not big enough….Tarp and Cloth got     H O T !    Hadda water and stop the stove’s fire   FAST.  Had told him “not big enough”.   Is now.

And now a very contrite brother.
He’s “down”.  Told him “You learn by your mistakes…then pass that learning on…so NO Mistakes!”
Let this be a lesson to YOU.  And “PRAISE GOD in ALL things”.  Aho?   re


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