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What I’ve found to be disgusting is that people are starting to pick up slang from off of the internet… incorporating them with common English. It’s really hard sometimes to have a conversation with people my age that doesn’t include movies, games, television, you name it… If you talk anything about nature, living in the wilderness, etc they resemble a deer looking in a cars headlights. So far I’ve found none that’d like to venture out to the northeastern part of WA from the west (Redmond Area). Planing on leaving my comfort zone after this winter and slowly working my way on foot and bike while camping/eating along the way in the national forests to Cle Elum, and to Coltville hopefully. Much love!

And to leave his answer exactly as he spelled it. ;)  – WS

“B”…know EXACTLY what u mean.
I short cut AS WELL AS MISS-SPELL…HUGELY!…WS has to make EVERYTHING readabel 2 u / all.  Without her, Ive gotton MANY “is this CODE?” Es sent 2 me.  My reason is SHAKES…HUNDREDS of Es 2 answere….NO TIME 2 SPELL CK. ….LOUSY on SPELLING Anyway.
CONSTENTLY hit the wrong key…OR hit a key 2+ times (shakes).  Poor WS has managed a Good 99% my “way” n interperits.
(WS …send THIS “AS IS”, 2 SHOW).Aho?

Im a PC “dah”…can NOT comrehend PC “Geek” talk.  Just DE-FUSSES MY BRAIN! Took me a few ORS 2 find out what a MOUSE was!  HOURS! 3 FULL WKS to learn HOW TO SIGN-In / OUT (hadda have others do it…Agaimn n Again…till i grasped it).
(U r c-ing NO)W what WS has to put up with!).
PCs r a TOTOL FUSTRATION to me.  Has cost me HUNDREDS OF HUNDREDS OF $$ to keep um (7 now) Up!  Virises GALORE…STUCK KEYS….CONSTENT ReBOOTING (took me a few hrs to understand what was ment TO “ReBoot!”!).
2 Top It Off, im a 1 FINGER TYPER!  What u r reading NOW has taken me VERY CLOSE 2 20 MIN.! to TYP!
Then, along comes things like “LOL” / Etc..

Songs?   Hay, i dont care 4 these modren “songs” etc. anyway.  Daughter n grandkids can speak N Chiken STRUT NECK like u wouldnt BELEIVE!  Rubber Lip n STRUT this CRAP liker they were BORN in a Black SLUM!
Been to DOZONS of Resses…NA KIDS THE SAME WAY!  That n Drugs n Sex n…oh, 4get it!
guess im to old.  sigh

WSo, u think UVE got Problems?

Here I am, trying to get all BACK to the DECENTCY of GOODLY COMMON SENCE, n, well, Wanna CRY!
TOO DANG OLD TO WALK THE WOODS!  (“give out” in mere YARDS)…..Family 2 tend so cant get to a canoe n dissapier for a wk. or m. or 4EVER.
Got a GREAT Bike…LEGS WONT MOVE IT!  Hills r MT.s now.  Mts.?  No! CLIFFS!
I dont know how old u r…but at least can Hike n Bike.  STILL “LUCKY”! Better hurry up, kid…u ARNT GETING YOUNGER!

Good LUCK!   re


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  1. Bryant says:

    haha i wouldnt know a thing about computers if one of my old friends didnt teach me. and i meant using internet slang in real life… saying lol out in public and such, drives me up a wall. 21 years old btw

  2. Whale Sister says: