As I’m typing this I am in EXTREME pain.  Lower back.  SELF-BROUGHT ON!

You see, there’s a man who I’m “working” on.  THAT PROBLEM.
Poor guy was MISERABLE.  Hard to sleep / sit / walk.

I went to see why (yes, you CAN Look INTO A Body)..  Saw and  began.  A 2-Tripper (As in spiritual travel/visioning ‘trips’. -WS)*.

The last will complete…BUT the healing AFTERMATH will be awhile ’til it / he is COMPLETELY fine again.  ‘Til then he was to be still in pain.  Aho?

SO…TOOK IT ON MYSELF!  Literally TRADED and now I Carry the Pain!  HE now starting to feel GREAT!  Aho?  (This allows his injury to heal Painlessly…for HIM!)

I don’t do this often…TOO Painful!  But have if I deemed it best for the patient.  Aho?

Not many Med. People do this…mainly because they aren’t aware it CAN be done.  Others HAVE, and can’t “take it” (once is ENOUGH for Them!).  ( :

ANY ONE CAN!  Even YOU!  But I’d not recommend it without some Ground Work teaching first tho.
I’m telling to let you know THE ABILITIES OF THE HUMAN RACE.

GB    re

* Addendum:
Folks, WS goofed.  She “jumped the gun” and put “meaning” into my statement “SEE INTO THE BODY”.
Tho she IS correct on her “add on”…I MEANT EXACTLY WHAT I SAID!  Mankind CAN go to a person IN PERSON, and JUST LIKE AN X-Ray Machine…LOOK DIRECTLY INTO A BODY!  Be that body is Man OR Animal!
I MEANT what I SAID…NOT what SHE “Put In”.   re

Oh foo, I messed up. 😛 – WS


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8 Responses to “A “Work” In Progress”

  1. Serge.H. says:

    How do we see with the eyes of the negaul?

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Serge : 1st you MUST Know what a Nagual IS…then how it WORKS….then ASK TO CHANGE MIND POSITIONS. Can’t “jump ahead” tho….would be like giving a loaded gun with NO Trigger Guard to a 4 YEAR OLD! re

  3. Bryant says:

    I have noticed that when I’m really tired or sometimes not. When I ask the nagual to show me its godliness, or just to chat with it with my eyes closed (i see clouds, sometimes a night sky, with trees swaying no matter what else i see kindve like a fluid painting) i get a shiver up my spine. is that shiver like a message of sorts?

  4. Bryant says:

    what i meant by the shiver is, does the nagual communicate by certain motions? like an enlightening feeling? any of the five senses?

  5. Whale Sister says:

    You say “chat WITH it”…One way or Two way conversation? NAGUALS DON’T TALK…at least as we Call talk. It “speaks” ONLY via DREAMS / VISIONS / Life EVENTS. re

  6. Bryant says:

    sorry when i meant chat i meant like flashes of light, or what appear to be clouds. so id ask a question “haha have i been boring to you today nagual? if yes show me something” and wait to get a light, or whatever as a response. if i see something to whatever question, i ask three times to test

    Take care brother!