I am so MUCH wanting to move up to our (shared) other land.

Will TRY to get up there the end of this month to work more on the dome there.  LOUSY time to go….but NEED TO.  Aho?

If I had a SPARE $4,000.00 I would by a particular 4-season tent and “start” there.

I    would, but would my WIFE (‘M’ – WS)?  Or even would C (daughter) “release” Sky to me / or “change” so HE could move too?  VERY doubtful!

I want him OUT of the School System.  GED via Home Schooling (as we did with C)…or, frankly,  JUST PLAIN STOP ANY SCHOOLING.  That’s what I’D like, anyway. (I feel school is useless AFTER learning the BASICS).  WILDCRAFTING needed to be learned NOW.  Public School = JOB(s)….but SOON even THOSE will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE….ADULTS will be LUCKY to have a Job…let alone “newbies” entering into a “WORK” job.

M puts too Much into HEALTH Insurance.  NOT “GOD TRUST Insurance”.

Anyway, keeps her tied down to the “system” due to this way of thinking.  In that, it means $$$$$ to STAY right here to “Have Insurance.”   sigh

Daughter would NOT move….don’t WANT HER there UNTIL SHE “GROWS” anyway….tho that means Sky will be MADE to stay here.  sigh

Wife wouldn’t move considering C and Sky as well (I suppose).


I’m in a dilemma…and DON’T LIKE IT!

M is a HOARDER.  SAVES ALMOST EVERYTHING.  WANTS it ALL UP THERE WITH US!  NO concept of REAL “stripped down” living.

I, on the other hand, “hoard” what I NEED to continue my “work.”  HAVE ALOT…mostly tho : just “THINGS.”

Shoot, don’t even want a COMPUTER….OR even a PHONE!   Can (and WILL) simply GIVE AWAY….Sell or Toss Out OR WALK AWAY.  (Been that way for a Long Time).

I’ve done so…simply WALKED AWAY.  So KNOW I can (and WILL) do so once again.

Went from a HOUSE to a TiPi…Went from a CONDEMNED House in the woods to a CAR.  CAN AGAIN.  But CAN’T with family obligations here.  DANG!

MANY will (and some are NOW)  (be) facing the same “change”.

NOT EASY, is it Folks!?

I TRUST THE CREATOR….Wife SAYS she does.  Doesn’t SHOW it tho.   TOO “Clingy.”      sigh

May HAVE to “break away”….to get the other place Ready.  In time, ALL “mine” WILL at least have a “place” to go to.  EVEN IF A TENT.

Wish I had MUCH MORE LAND up there…to HELP Others “park” for a bit.  Don’t, so…..

As it is, we are spending a “fortune” JUST TO STAY RIGHT HERE! (And BARELY ABLE TO PAY OUR BILLS, TO do so).

“Slaves” to the “system”.

Well, my “woes” are MINE.  Others have NO land to go to.  NO place to “park”.  At least in that, I’m “lucky.”

I’ve been telling…for OVER 10 FULL YEARS to “prepare”.  NOW getting PANIC Emails.


Now you are STUCK in your “worries”.  I’ve done what I could AND YOU DID AS YOU PLEASED.  Now, “Pay the Piper!”

Sound harsh?  Well, I TRIED.  SHOULDA PAID ATTENTION!  Aho?

In MY future, I CAN get by on my SS $$.  And If THAT peters out, I CAN LIVE “on the LAND”.  When THAT gives out, I can DIE


Are YOU?    re



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