Doing finishing work in Adam’s Dome.  Now RUGGED ( “indoor / outdoor”) and making a wall (HEAT Shield from Stove) wire holder (to fill with crushed lava stone). All this has been scheduled in advance…and I informed my wife.  SUDDENLY  SHE  had “I need THIS / THAT”.  “Drop” every thing planned….for her “NOW” wants. Ones I COULD have done during the week.  (Does alot of this).

SEE? I have MY problems Too!

Anyway, in her normal rush to ‘do’….she fell.  “That D— BOX”!   HER box, waiting for her to get to its “inners”…..been waiting THERE for nearly 3 WEEKS.  Now “my fault”.

Ain’t life WONDERFULL!

Old “L” will always toss out LITTLE THINGS to irritate.  THOUSANDS of ‘em…MONTHLY!

Trying to “get you down” and your eyes off the Great One.


Then thank THE CREATOR for the TEST….and Growth FROM IT.

That is, if you’re wise.   Aho?  re



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