Our grandson, SKY, is PHOBIC on his fear of mice.  Just goes BALLISTIC when he sees one!  Well, he went to our Can Goods cupboard to get a can of soup…THERE SAT A PACK RAT…STARING AT HIM!   My GOSH, the COMMOTION!!    SCREAMING AND YELLING “OH MY GOD!” “OH MY GOD!” as he tore down our hall to lock himself in the bathroom…Hyperventilating / shaking like a leaf in a tornado.  2:00 AM!

Anyway, caught it yesterday…on its ANKLE.  (Rat Trap).   I couldn’t kill the pretty thing.  Went to release it in distant woods.  IT TWISTED OUT…ran BACK to under out house!

Anyway, at least TEMPORARILY outta of the house.

Close to a pound and perhaps 13 – 14 in. long.

Showed our daughter…”Gee, it looks like a SQUIRREL!  Except not as much fur on its tail..  IT’S KINDA CUTE!”.

‘Til she saw, she too had “fear”.  Now a different “seeing”.

Sky wasn’t home.  Not sure if he’d look anyway.

Told him “You’ve GOT to  overcome this, Sky…’cause you’ll be seeing ALOT of mice AND Pack Rats WHEN WE MOVE TO THE PROPERTY.  You’ll NEVER make it, otherwise.”

Hope he can.

IN THE NEAR FUTURE, mankind will NEED to overcome MANY FEARS! Ones FAR GREATER then THIS…. or YOU….will NOT…..’MAKE IT’!    Aho?

“Fear NOT! For    I     AM WITH YOU!”  re



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2 Responses to “Will You Be Able to Survive…Your Phobias?”

  1. serge says:

    haha. You ought to learn NLP. You can use that to cure a phobia in ten minutes

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Tho I now know, OTHERS DON’T. Aho? re