To learn to UNLEARN  TO learn, isn’t always easy.  It’s like you, a full grown adult, Taught all your life the “CANT’S” of life…then being shoved back in the womb and emerging again….but as a New Born ADULT…and with all your OLD SELF’S Former Life within you….then learning to overcome THAT!  NO, NOT Easy!!!  It takes time, so don’t rush it.  Aho?

KNOW this can be done tho.  We have one who had to learn that too.  The one who came as a HUman and left as a GODman…our OWN Brother : BIG BROTHER….Jesus.

Like all great Big Brothers, he wants to help his siblings to grow Safe and Good.  To have a GOOD life.  But he can’t do it for you.  He can only advise and example.  When you SEEK help, he’s there for you, instantly.  That’s a GOOD brother.  Now HE is LIKE THAT.  YOUR BROTHER…your BEST “Good” Brother.

When you belong to The FAMILY of God…you need to understand THIS is a REGULAR FAMILY …. and with THAT in mind, you are more and more able to COMPREHEND what you’ve got yourself into.  YOU NOW HAVE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT FAMILY!  TOTALLY “GOOD”.  (Quit a realization, isn’t it!?!)

Anyway, understand WHO you NOW ARE.  An ADOPTED one….with ALL the LEGALITY OF THAT!

You’ve a BRAND NEW FAMILY.  “Divorced” from your old HUMAN one.  A PRINCE / PRINCESS of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN.  With a LIVING DAD.  A LIVING MOM.  A LIVING First Born Big BROTHER.  A TOTAL Family.

Get THAT train of thought in your mind / head, and this will help you grow.  Grow in this family’s “rules and regulations”…that of AGAPE LOVE.

There is ONLY ONE “law” in this new-to-you family : LOVE.

That means WANTING TO LOVE so MUCH, you WANT to “fit in”….and you strive to do just that.  Why do you WANT to “be good”?  BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM…and because HE loves YOU!

No HUMAN (old) “Rules” now.  A WHOLE NEW   ONE “rule”….PURE  L O V E !

Totally different from what you had been raised in, “before.”

When you fully grasp what you have “gotten yourself into”, and ACCEPT THAT….your life begins to change.  You begin to do GOOD, simply for GOOD sake! NOT “work your way to heaven”….but to SHOW what being ONE WITH THIS GOD FAMILY is LIKE!

You become a “Light in the Darkness” of the Earth Minded brothers.  The ones YOU were once part of.  An EXAMPLE of G(O)ODLYNESS.  A “light” that SHAKES THE DARKNESS mankind is in here.

Some see you as a THREAT, other “moths” will welcome the Light…………….COME TO IT.

We of “The New” can NOT “push” our joy…(NEVER EVER “PUSH”!)…..just……..BE.           Aho?  re



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