My #1 dome in use often.  Adam’s nearly every weekend (#2 dome).

What’s it like?   Well, in MY mind : NICE!

In both there is electricity (run from the house via heavy cords).  Tho these can “have” via Electric Generator…OR Solar if one wants.

We bring in a food cooler, with iced DRINKS to keep foods chilled.  Enough variety of daily meals…milk / meats / vegetables / etc. for a full week.  Toilet paper on hand…Wash rags and towels…using Solar Bags heated in the sun.  On stove in winter.

Firewood stored from main “room” area (in #2 dome) and in a wood mini shed on #1.  Right outside the door.  We BOTH use our ZZIP stove to cut down on wood use and too much heat in the stove(s).

Each has space to hang / store extra clothing…again : out of the way of main floor.

Reading materiel always on hand…on shelves tied on the willows that make up these framings.

These don’t “drape” but are held tight against the sloping inner walls…Bungie Cords doing the holding.  This for coats etc. that one needs “unwrinkled” in a storage “duffel” “suitcase.  They also add to insulation.

To bring in MORE foods AND keep the inside uncluttered, I / We will add Straw Bales…Floor and Sides…with a well insulated top.  BEARS / Etc. CAN be a problem doing this way….so one CAN Hang these supplies high in a tree (Alaskan Way).

Our wood supply all from dead wood found….neither of use cut living trees.  Least not yet.  Those that WILL be cut we will cut in a forest THING way…taken only the VERY OLD or VERY YOUNG.  (Sun / Rain wanting that interferes with a GOOD growth of the rest). Literally : “Gardening” our area.  This the way of the Old Ones of NA.

Every THING benefits the “all”.  Aho?

Both of us…AND Sky…use alot of dead WEEDS and Tiny STICKS.  Keeping our immediate “home” area clear and fire resistant.  “Logs” only if cold weather.

We DRESS for mere CHILLY days…saving fuel.

LOOK AT NATURE…how the BIRDS “fluff up” their feathers to insulate.  How SQUIRRELS use a nest filled with LEAVES.   Dress in like manner…LAYERED.  Aho?

When one becomes “cabin locked” (“cabin fever”) it’s a simple walk-about going into HIS Living Room…THE OUTDOORS!  There to observe and learn from the animals about…Studying the ice caked creek….Etc.  LISTENING!  HEARING the Winter / Etc.

Tho it’s a pleasure to have another with you…know YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

Bring a dog or cat if you’d like.  Helps (but adds to what you need to ‘get by’).  Aho?

In short, one can begin to ENJOY your li’l “cabin in the woods”.

It’s a Mind Set to live Small AND at near “0”  “needs”.  Needs you WON’T be able to have in so small a space.

A “Weekend” “away from it all” place…for a beginner.  Then perhaps a Week of “ditto”.

Hopefully, in time : your HOME!  Dumping the rent / house payment…the cost of heating / cooling that no longer needed space…and returning to the FREE Natural way.  You save so MUCH on trying to “keep up on the Joneses”…YOU become RICH!  Money in pocket…YOUR Pocket…Not going out to a Commercial COMPANY.

“How do I get to WORK?”  Well, WHY work?  SELL your house.  You have a BETTER ONE now…and ALL PAYED FOR.Land payments / taxes the only REAL need (if you can’t buy outright).  A car?  Or Trail Bike …roadable…a decent way to get to your “city” job.  The $$ saved can help make the yearly Tax…cause you’ll need so LITTLE that you can “go to work” on less hours…I.E. LESS INCOME = TAX BACK…not IN!  Use THAT to pay your year’s tax.  (That’s what we’ve done for YEARS now).

There’s alot to “say” about Small Living.  It HAS its benefits.  Just takes GUMPTION to  take the 1st step.  Aho?


What’s it like to live “small”?….A shock to your old ways…and not ALWAYS easy….but it grows on you.  You become ONE…with ALL!  IT FEELS GOOD!   re



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2 Responses to “Adventure Living In a Small Dome”

  1. Bryan says:

    I’ve been getting on with doing free things. Such as making a chisel from a rock… axe, and knife from rocks and wood. Gonna try and make a secret undercover alongside this trail I sit and smoke at for rainy days. What he’s said is so true. BRINGS relaxation and relief from the stupid built up stress from society. Much love bro’!

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Got to SEARCH and look up Warrior PIT. I’ve done ’em and NO one could tell I was there…even my own brother…KNOWING I was there “Somewhere”. 8 FT FROM IT and I STILL had to show it to him! re