Into the Woods

I’ve been reading sites on Living In The Wilderness.  YOU might be interested (“dreaming”) of doing this too.

I see a number WANT to…but are AFRAID OF THE WOODS! (Many raised in / around cities).

I’d like to share some advice.

Yes, it IS “Scary”….especially if doing alone.  BUT, THIS FEAR CAN BE BROKEN.  At least you’ll KNOW if you can handle being alone.

GO TO THE WILDERNESS…make about a 20 ft. circle (mark with rocks or whatever if needed…to define your circle)….gather PLENTY of Firewood “inside”.

In your case, a tent etc. is ok…but NO Out Side “influences”(radio  /     etc) .  Ok with reading and writing materiel tho.

Go into the circle and DONT LEAVE IT!  Stay Day and NIGHT…ALONE!  As many as you can “take”.

I tell you true, the FIRST NIGHT is “HELL”!  SCARY!  STAY AWAKE  as  you can during the night(s).  Trying to get use to the Night’s Sounds.  A distant “moan” that’s only an animals call WILL FRIGHTEN YOU.  A twig snap will scramble you to your sleeping bag and the “protection” of your tent.  NOISES you are UNFAMILIAR with will ‘SPOOK’ you like crazy!!!

IF you can bear the night, then stay in your circle all day and the next night as well.  Again, staying awake as much as possible.  That 2 day/night is NOT as bad as the first (after all, nothing ate you or carried you off the 1st 24 hours…right?).

IF you can manage TWO 24 hrs in a row…”GO” for a THIRD 24 !


These 3  24s helps you KNOW if you can “handle” being “alone”.

The circle acting like a tiny prison wall. In  this space  you’ll see what BOREDOM can do to you (will be your worse problem).  In real life (living way off in the boonies), BOREDOM will be a HUGE factor!

Try this FEAR BREAKER…Learn!   Will save you $$ and Time to know NOW, then to “DO” and find out YOU CAN’T TAKE IT!   (Scripture; “Fear NOT”).  Aho?   re



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