Computer Troubles

Red Elk is having some computer troubles (possibly hardware).  Heather and her beau are attempting to help Red Elk in that department and updates will resume as soon as possible.   Any prayer or other assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am also told that the book may be published this month – stay tuned!



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4 Responses to “Computer Troubles”

  1. Serge.H. says:

    Get the gnomes to help you!

  2. Living Documents says:

    Either you’re being sarcastic or know no gnomes. Joke is on YOU…I KNOW A FEW. And gnomes know NOTHING of High Tech! re

  3. Serge.H. says:

    I have heard from the people at that they can use what we call ‘magic’ to fix electronics by making it go back to it’s original state or plan – because computers are nature too

  4. Whale Sister says:

    Aware of this “magic” (PC). Not that sure I “like” it. Aho? re