To any in the beginning of connecting to the Creator:  You will have your “world” ‘reality’ turned asunder.  Myths / Old Wives’ Tales / Fairy Tales / long “dead” species (dinosaurs / etc.) / Etc. you will find STILL EXIST.  NOT “myths” / NOT “gone”…but ALL are very much in existence still.  Mostly in the Inner Earth caverns. THIS EXISTS…CAVERNS of VAST SIZE.

You will ALSO find “Others” exist.  “Aliens”.

In short, you be taken into knowledge beyond your “here” KNOWING.

All this will take time…AS YOU GROW IN “HIM”.

You GROWERS will find THIS (that man calls “reality”) has The REAL REALITY all about you.  That, “blocked off” by your upbringing.  Peers who TOO were  TAUGHT these things “don’t exist”.  They / You have ACCEPTED “blind people’s” “views”.  Now tho, AS YOU GROW IN “HIM”…you will find THOSE VIEWS are All LIES.

As you grow…you will think you are “crazy”.  This is the battle of your OLD “self” versus your NEW self.

Not often easy to accept these New “things”.

I writing this to Pre-Warn you….to, IN ADVANCE, make you “aware”.  Less confusing / frightening with this pre-knowledge.  Aho?  GB  re



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