What Does Fasting Mean?

See I missed a question from an E-mailer:   FASTING.

There are several types of fasting. Most think only the NO food for a few days.  Some: No Food…NO Water.    Both are a type.

There is Not eating a loved FOOD (one)…or missing A Meal…..All “for God”.  Each a “type.”

Ever think about the word Breakfast?  BREAK(ing) FASTING(ing).  Sleeping (no food / water) and then BREAKING your SLEEP-Fast(ing).

I know a number who fast on a regular bases…a Set Day…a number of Days, etc.

In this “way,” what had STARTED OUT as GOOD…becomes ROTE.  Like getting off to work 5 days a week.  ROUTINE.

Well, this “way” becomes “White Noise” (in most cases) to God.  What starts as a HEART thing to The Creator, ends up as a “duty.”

I don’t recommend it, Overall.

Fasting should be a “LED” thing.  Almost Spontaneous.  THAT    MEANS   SOMETHING TO HIM!

And yes, Fasting DOES help one “get close(r) to “Him” “.  Why?  YOU ARE TOTALLY DEVOTING YOUR TIME and COMFORT to “Him.”

What you are ACTUALLY doing is “Re-Setting”  YOUR “remember(ancing).”  “Forcing” yourself to REMEMBER(ing) ALL HE HAS DONE FOR YOU (Etc.)

It does YOU “GOOD”!  Gets YOU back in Godly Mind.

Its THAT that YOU ARE AFTER.  Learning to KEEP “In Tune” despite the days / weeks labor’s “life”.  Helping YOU to be “Hand in Hand” with HIM.   Aho?

Big Brother “went into the wilderness OFTEN”.  Fasting / Clearing His mind from the hectic hassles of His “followers” and all their needs “demands.”

I can tell you from personal experience…an “AWAY FROM IT ALL”  WILDERNESS  Fast/Prayer time SURE HELPS! All the more so for those who have many “seeking” and coming to YOU for help.

Just gets overwhelming at times. You just wanna turn around and WALK AWAY…”chucking” the Whole “work.”

In our “Medicine” Way this is called “Laying down your Feathers.”  WALKING AWAY FROM ONE’S “CALLING”.

Big Brother (Jesus) felt the same “Tiredness”;  “Father, how much LONGER must I be WITH them.”

“This one” knows how He felt!  ( :     re



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