This One (“I”) wishes you to know that WE ARE AT WAR!

This is not the Wars of TV / daily papers / etc. man is familiar with.  Afghanistan / etc. are but a form of SUBTERFUGE.  A “DECOY”, meant / designed to keep our eyes and minds off what is REALLY going on : THE WAR OF THE SPIRIT!

In the last word (“Spirit”) it is of several meanings:  Your SOUL ; Your very BEING ; The “World of SPIRIT” ; WAR Between The Creator AND hE who WANTS to BE our “God” ; Etc.


“L” (lUCIFER) is THE ENEMY who we fight.

Each of us were meant…AND GIVEN…to Be “At Peace”… Within AND without.  BORN with that ONENESS with the Creator.  A Breathing / Walking “Garden Of Eden”.

“L” was given the duty to HELP US CHOOSE.  SELF-WILL!

In this hE was given a “gift” too :  TO PRESENT “OPPORTUNITIES” to “enjoy” “The Sins Of The ‘World”.

In this, WE become / became our OWN “worst enemy”.   This “worst” refers to the PHYSICAL us. IT IS THE “SPIRITUAL” us that is the SPIRIT WAR.

Do NOT make the mistake there IS no “Spirit” World.  For any thinking otherwise is well entrenched in the DECEIVED “FOXHOLE”.

“Bullets” and “Shells” passing over you.  YOU FAIL TO SEE WHY THAT “FOXHOLE” (you Dug) IS BUILT!  IE:  MENTALLY you KNOW there’s a “war” going on and you hide in your self-made hole “to be safe”.

That’s ok by “L”….YOU are NOT FIRING AT hIM! INEFFECTIVE to hIs attack over the Whole battlefield.  USELESS…a WIMP “soldier”.

YOU in that hole THINK “you are safe”, while the battle passes beyond you.  THINK AGAIN! AS it goes past…YOU ARE NOW ALONE!  To be “picked off” at the ENEMIES LEISURE.

BeHIND the “enemies” line.  ALONE!  A thousand enemy soldiers NOW SURROUND … YOU!

You then think, “Its ok. I’ll simply stand up and surrender”.  666 !

Alive NOW, in THIS ‘reality’….but THE WAR ISN’T OVER in the World called “Spirit”.  A COUNTERATTACK    W  I  L  L    BE MADE…


Believe me, you’ll “pay”.  Aho?

Do as you may.  It’s your decision…your “path”.  Aho?

I just want to make what’s going on CLEAR to you.  Aho?

(Don’t stand before The Creator and say “you were never told”. By reading this, YOU’VE BEEN TOLD!).

Ok, ’nuff said.  Now : “KNOW your ENEMY”  ;   Literally, READ ABOUT hIM!  STUDY how hE WORKS!  Become FAMILIAR with hIS tricks and “Twists and Turns”. KNOW hIS CUNNING!


This is often not done by “believers”.  No matter of WHAT religion or Culture you / they are in.

Patten and Rommel “KNEW” each other. STUDIED each other.

In this they were able to maneuver.  Trying to Out Wit the other. NETHER WENT IN “BLIND”!




SPEND TIME Doing So.   re



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One Response to “KNOW Your ENEMY!”

  1. Whale Sister says:

    A sister sent this email comment to Red Elk, and Red Elk wants you to KNOW he is in FULL AGREEMENT:

    I think that one of the comming trouble is: the growing influence of islam.
    The majority of muslims want to live in peace and harmony. However, their corrupted book (koran) is pretty violent towards none-believers = none-muslims.
    The trick for all those muslims of good will is: in the koran it writes that those who do not be a muslim, must be killed. What will happen when islam gains more influence and muslim leaders tell their flocks to kill none-muslims (might even be their partner, friends, neighbour, collegues, whatever, they know.) What will they decide?? If they do not kill: they show they are not following the koran and be called a none-muslim themselves = be killed.
    As you and i know Islam started to restore the lost indepth information when christianity became corrupted in the forth century. But islam became pretty fast corrupted too (by the mohammed who left the island where the real Mohammed started the islam) and became pretty violent, very women unfriendly etc, when becomming a leader (due to his violence) at the mainland.
    I understand that that is due to the Laws, the Left-Hand of God, also known as “L”.
    As you write: a true moment of choice. Will we follow Him or our fear?? The war in/of Spirit is comming faster and faster.

    Many want to negociate with muslim leaders. As (if i recall well it was Chamberlain) who negociated with Hitler. After the negociation, he said: he had come to peace with Hitler. Well, we know that H didn’t keep his word at all.
    Many “christians” never even think about it, or want to negociate………….. well. History will repeat itself than.
    I am not pointing fingers at all those muslims which want to live in peace and harmony: but to what is written in the corrupted book they follow. Unfortunately the official first writings aren’t found yet, so it is very hard to show the (muslim) world that the koran has been corrupted. Christians have had the oppertunity to learn about the original writings (Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Quamram scrolls) but the majority have rejected those writings and the Real knowledge which is in it. And i think that THAT is a huge cause why we are heading for the violence change.
    And with THAT i mean: the fact that the majority of people (of whatever religion, including new-age, darwnism, science etc.)
    – believe and follow HUMAN LEADERS, instead of searching for the TrueProphet.
    Many believe in holy places on earth, instead of understand that True Israel, True Mekka, can only be found in Spirit. “The Kingdom of God is within you”, while in the body = before physical death!!!
    As soon as all people would quit following other humans and start searching for the Kingdom within, independent form human leaders, the change would go smooth.

    Well, you and i know that, as do some more people. But we are a tiny minority. So i too keep in my back mind, that there is a big chance the change is gonne be very violent…………….. unfortunatly.

    Well, and than i haven’t talked about the very high speed by which christian countries are changing into left-marxist societys, where the people have lost free thinking, free speech, free schooling, etc. There’s a lot at steak: but the majority sleeps while being led to be slaughtered, without being aware of that.