BACK to a GOOD DAY.  Yesterday was LOUSY, AFTER starting out so SUPER GOOD.  (PayPal SHOULD be called “Pain In The ‘A’. Pal”.    GERRRRRR ) .

Anyway, most of yesterday and ‘til near noon today, Adam and I were working on his dome. WOW! IS IT “NEAT”!  He painted his little stove white with black front / back and it’s flat “cook top”…we moved everything out, poured sand on the dirt floor, then cut a heavy tarp cover for over that.  Now its Dirt / Dust free inside.  Did some re-tying at the entranceway and straightened THAT up and in general, did a major re-do of interior “furnishing”. Moved the stove from the center and quite close to the wall (making ALOT of “move about” run inside). He bought a tri-pod camp chair…folds much smaller then the 2 “fold flat” full ones he had in there.  Easier to store and get out as needed. The others will be used for outside chairs.

He’ll be back in 2 weeks.  This time with a rug to put over the floor tarp.  Then buy screen to hold crushed lava stone.  This will protect the wall and willow behind it from the close stove’s heat.  THIS ABODE IS LOOKING

F  A  N  T  A  S  T  I  C !

As found, BUILDING a dome is CHEAP….”FANCYING” it is WHAT UPS the “Done” PRICE!     Now his 10 cent dome will be somewhere around $250 and the 10 cents!

Pictures were taken and will be “on line” in a week or so. ( :

Then we got to Sky’s Dome.  Placing 2 large / heavily branched Tree Branches across the front of his sleeping loft.  One going UP to help support the roof. Bending into an ARBOR shape over the stair way to the loft.

Did similar with the other branch (and offshoots)…only this Laying….NOT Upright as #1.  Creating an interior of INSIDE “WILDERNESS”.

Out of all’s way, but like walking into a little “glade” when you go inside. Combined this with all the willow framing and you get the idea of “GNOME!” immediately.  Aho?

The experimental “stuff” i tried on the loose stone….WORKS! NO discoloration of stones and WELL “glued” together. PTL!

So, Sky’s Dome coming right along too.  I’ll be adding the tarp floor today (I hope).  Like Adam’s, will keep dust and dirt at bay.  Rug atop.  Aho?

Now for break…laundry and water fetching…then back “to it”.         GB     re



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