While truck having the water tank filled, I went out to SkyDome.  Arranging the droopy thin limbs so no face hit or stove heat will cause a problem.  Only want to cut off a Tiny amount. Trying to keep this sleeping loft as “deep woods” in look / feeling as much as possible.  Like You finding a little clear / flat part deep in the woods, laying down your sleeping bag and “crashing”, safely hidden. Then laid on the mattress there on the ledge. GOT WHAT I’M AFTER.  Looking “cool”. Aho?

If 1 sprawls on the bed and 2 sit on the steps…with the 3 new camp chairs and the 4 already set in, then 10 can be within (visiting).  No “room” problem at all. A good “friend den”.  Just about PERFECT for any looking to live small, year round, in the boonies.  Nothing like this “out there” that I know of.  The Hobbit House in Wales far bigger and the closest I’ve seen that comes close to this. Wish I’d made this in our woods section on this property…but then that would defeat its purpose.  Aho?

Sure learning on these 3.  Getting easier and easier…And STRONGER.

Fun to get your imagination moving…into a seeable FACT.  Much like getting a toy YOU put together.   FUN!  Aho?     re



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