A brother asked:

Greetings Red Elk

I hope that you and your family are well.

I have been doing much bible reading, and I have been talking to God both morning and night, hoping to strengthen that connection.

I was thinking about what you said about doing “miracles” and how it’s not really the knowing how to do it, but knowing that you can/are doing it.  Previously I had spent much time looking to find new techniques on how to do these things, but I have since understood, that it doesn’t really matter as long as you know and trust that it has been done.

I hope my thinking is on the right tracks?

I have a couple of questions to ask about fasting and baptism.  Does fasting improve our spiritual power and connection with God?  And should all people be baptised, just as Jesus was?


You’re on the right track on “talking to God”…BUT:  WHY just in morning and night?  WHY not ALL DURING YOUR DAY?   THOUGHT “talk.”

When I go to town I have a number of routes to take.  I get to the first “T” and say, “Which way, Pop?”  Then obey the “leadings”.  Often puts me seeing new things, doing new doings.  Saved a young gal from possible rape once. Parked truck on fire once.  “New” wind blew off building / etc.  Many times.  A toddler in middle of highway, wandering about once, loose cattle and rider trying to get ‘em (took the car and blocked ‘em) twice.  Often “signs” of coming events, rocks needed rolled from hill (needed to build) a number of times, Lost in fog…great horned owl led the way out once, 2 – 3 times an injured person “saved”, an old lady fallen unable to rise once (Been on distant farm yard “for hours”), Flat tire help a number of times….etc.  etc..  Just by asking “which way, Pop?”

Try it and see what He CAN lead you into.  Aho?

As for baptism (the word means SUBMERGED, NOT “Sprinkled”) it is a PERSONAL DECISION.  Means NOTHING otherwise.   re



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