Hello Red Elk

It was my pleasure to send you the donation, my only regret is that I could not currently afford to add an extra zero to the end of it!


There was a “sender”.  A dollar…sometimes 2.  “The WIDOW’S MITE”.  Worth more to US (Him / Me) then HUNDREDS!  THANK YOU AGAIN.  re

Hello Red Elk

I am really grateful that I found your blog, and consider it a true blessing.  I am really impressed with you mentioning the hobbit house in Wales, Simon dale and his family who created that has has now moved to an eco-village in Wales called Lammas.  There new place is similar to their hobbit house, just on a larger scale.  I am hoping to make something cheap and affordable when we move to an Eco-village in Portugal, but we are planning to  build a partially sub-merged earth bag (super adobe) dome, similar to what they build at cal earth.

May I ask you advise on whether it is ok to communicate with Father/God using such tools as I ching, Tarot etc?  I think that I have actually heard God’s voice about 13 years ago, sitting on a chair drifting off to sleep when I heard a loud male voice call my name, more of a shout really, but it was enough for me to jump out of my chair and run to the stairs expecting to see my dad waiting for me, but there was no one in the house!  I have always wondered if that was indeed the big man upstairs so to speak.

Blessings on your work, and I look forward to the book and further updates on the domes.  Talking about domes, how did you install the fires, and what did you do for a chimney?


P.S.  You are totally correct about the law of three, people don’t need more than three chances, in my experience, if you give people more than 3 chances then you are setting yourself up for a lot of pain!

Brother,  BEST TO YOU ON YOUR BUILDING!  Knew the Wales family were considering another spot.  Would like to keep up on their efforts…any idea of how to find out more?

I know nothing on I Ching…BUT ABSOLUTELY do NOTHING with TAROT!  NOT at ALL OF “DAD”!

Your ONLY “Safe” way is via the Bible.  NO RELIGION…and NOT as Messed With by man as it is.  That’s why I tell :  USE A CONCORDANCE when reading.  So MUCH “man” add-ons and Changing over the centuries…it, well….WHAT A MESS!  Still, with a CONCORDANCE, that “mess(ing)” can be TOTALLY OBLIVIATED.  Then, and ONLY then, will you find HIS PRECISE “Tellings”.  This what we 12 call PURE(ity). Aho?

I’d advise NO “shortcuts”.  Up to you tho…your “path”.  Aho?

WAS it “Dad” calling?  Doubtful.  IF IT HAPPENED 3 TIMES…an EXCELLENT chance it WAS / IS!  3 TIMES!  aho?

There are scriptures concerning just this!

You may be interested in looking up (on SEARCH)  Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget.

This is a HUB Site put out by “Ghost”.  He has ALOT of Building with earth “bags”, as you are planning to do.   Things you will NOT find on other “How To” info.  His LEARNING and his MISTAKES as he does.  NO BS HERE!   Smart to check this out.  Save you some “hassles.”  Aho? (Its also in “Links” on the right of the blog – WS)

Hope this helps.  CreatorGod Bless….re

Also, you might find this interesting…  http://www.thatroundhouse.info/

Will check as time permits.  Thanks.   Re

Hello Red Elk

I have just purchased the Strongs Concordance book, I am very very serious about learning.  I have also been reading the other book you suggested about the Masters in the far east.  You said on your website about talking to God, and that you should just ask and then shut up.  What I am really confused over is how does God communicate with us?  Is it verbal, via dreams or syncronistic events??

I have tried to find the answer in the bible, but I seem to be really really lost!

Do you still have those lessons that you were selling on your website a few years ago, I would be very interested in purchasing as much true information that will enable to learn the truth.

Thank you my friend.

ANY OF ALL 3!    Vision / Dream / TALK / “events”.   He ALWAYS ANSWERS!  ALWAYS!

Often NOT as you WANT.  At times NOT as FAST as you want!  Sometimes…”zilch”…meaning “YOU may Want It, but you say you “trust” me…and YOU DO NOT NEED THIS.  At least NOT at THIS time….Or even EVER.  NOW, DO you trust Me, or NOT!”?

Yes, I still sell 4 WRITTEN How-Tos.  Telepathy on demand.  Teleportation.  Levitation.  Health.  $22.00 per

Also “The Agenda”.  $33.00.

Missouri Teachings  … ALOT!

2 DVDs on my “Great Vision”.  $25.00 per  (postage rates went up 5 times since first out)….per.


Red Elk

Thanks for reminding me about ‘home work’, I am sitting here with my strongs concordance, didn’t realise just how big it would be!  I will be sending you another donation for all the help you have given me.  I really appreciate it!

Do you think that humans are capable of becoming immortal, if we follow God’s law to the letter?  I was reading about the 10 commandments, I have never heard you talk about them, should we follow them?  I follow a lot of them naturally, but some seem harder than ever to stick to in this modern age.

I am sorry to hear about your dog, at least he is happy in doggy heaven!  That has actually made me feel better, as we may have to put our dog to sleep, and the guilt over this may just about kills us all.

Thank you

God Bless!

The FULL Concordance IS Huge!  NOT so the TINY “Part” one some bibles contain.  NOT at ALL COMPLETE. Now you have the WHOLE ONE!  GOOD!

Yes on immortal.  BIBLE TELLS HOW.

10 Commandments:  “IF ANY DOES but ONE of these…THEY have Done ALL!”

ONLY CHRIST can set ANY free from ALL these 10 LAWS.  Do you SEE what He’s DONE FOR US!???


Miss all our pets…but KNOW THEY ALL ARE OK.  We’ll see each other again…and OFTEN.          GB   re

So if you have broken one of the commandments, you should ask God for forgiveness?

I am confused when you say that only in Christ can you be set free from?  We all should aspire to become a christ, but do we only become a Christ when we love God with all our heart and follow the ten commandments?

Serious head scratching here…

BOY do YOU NEED Learning!  ( :

YES…even if ANGRY (but don’t express it).  Remember…THOUGHTS are REAL!

Men see a “hot sweet thing” and imagine being in bed with them.  OH OH!   THOUGHTS ARE  REAL!


No one can   BE   CHRIST !  EVER!!!  We can, WITH HIS SUPPORT, be AS Him tho.  ChristLIKE.   Aho?


Better to understand what His death did…and what the Father did, by BRINGING HIM BACK TO LIFE.  Aho?    re



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