Just returned from an “emergency” horse call.  2 horses.  One a BUCKER…the other a “BITCHER”  (the caller’s words).  Gave DANGEROUS Ride today.  Riders wanted to know “WHY”?

Introduced myself to the Bucker first.

“I don’t LIKE her” (the rider).  Oh? She’s a small lady…no weight to worry about.  Why don’t you like her?  “She IRRITATES ME!”  Can you explain?

She showed me AND GAVE ME her PHYSICAL FEELINGS of the ride.  The gal was CONSTANTLY Pressing her (horse) Left Side with her leg….BUT PULLING the REINS to the LEFT.  With a LEFT Leg force the horse is trained to go RIGHT.  She was obeying the rider’s “will”.  BUT the gal was REINING her to the LEFT!  CONFUSING THE HORSE.  The horse had HAD ENOUGH and tried to get the gal OFF.  BUCKING WILDLY!

I told the rider WHY.  Then asked “Why do you PRESS IN with your left leg?”

Turns out her left leg was in a healing from an accident AND A BIT CROOKED.  To keep her balance she PRESSED her left leg at the horses left side.

I now understood and was able to inform the horse.  I too explained to the rider:  “You CONFUSE the horse.  She was simply trying to obey your TURN RIGHT command AND YOU tried to COMPENSATE the Right “drift” with the reins. SHE GOT FED UP WITH YOU!”

Now BOTH understood.  Told the gal “Go explain WHY you where constantly doing as you were. TELL HER OF YOUR INJURY.  She’ll understand.

She did so….and the horse FINALLY understood.  The horse apologized.

Suggested that the gal strap on a small pillow on her bad leg.  Helping relieve the pressure.

Then to the “Bitcher”.  Horse “I DONT LIKE CROWDS!”  Was feeling “crowded” in a ride involving several horses.  She liked the LEAD or far BEHIIND the others.  “Tightened up” when “crowded” and became “bitchy”.  A handful to ride.  Aho?

I told the rider (owner)….”YOU’RE RIGHT!  I’ve NOTICED THAT about her!”

The solution was obvious.

The owner said “But at times she HAS to be in with others!”

I explained this to the horse.  “In a GROUP you can help DEFEND your “people” from predator attacks…alone you are useless to them…AND open to attack YOURSELF.  There’s often a good reason to “group”.  Can you stand riding with 3 others?  2?  You and one other?  “3 makes me nervous.  I can go ok with only one other…two others, I suppose.”

Told the rider.  Now this is the way the rides will be made….WITH the NEEDED “Grouping” but ONLY IF NECESSARY.  BOTH agreed.

Problem(s) solved.

There were 4 riders with us…listening.  ALL were AMAZED!  (“He DOES Talk with HORSES!”)  I heard this being quietly said.

Told all “So can YOU!  ANY can.  But you won’t believe you can…so never will”.


Negative beliefs are POSITIVE.  JUST AS ARE POSITIVE BELIEFS POSITIVE.  One STOPS…the other makes an / the “impossible” HAPPEN!  REMEMBER THIS!  aho?  re



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3 Responses to “Sometimes, the Animals Just Get Fed Up With Us Idiots! ;)”

  1. Roxanne says:

    I agree with communicating with horses and animals. I run a ranch and know very well by the time I spend with my horses and dogs who is in charge, who is submissive and they all know their names. Horses move naturally and are by nature animals of flight so they need to know who they can trust and let into their circle. I sit back and laugh at husband many times as he ‘chases’ horses to catch. He never listens. I tell him, they see you and you are the man who chases them. Slow down and talk to them. Let them get to know you or they will not allow you in their heart and circle. Very simple to do. But he doesn’t do it. He always says, “you’re the one who has a way with horses.” Only because I try.

  2. Living Documents says:

    ( : ALL Animals KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS. Thus Run / Etc.
    One thing to know Personality / body language…quite ANOTHER to literally CHAT with ’em. re

  3. Living Documents says:

    Allows you to do things with animals other people are unreasonably afraid of, too. Like skunks and bats in my own experience. The other night I broke part of a jar that was stuck on a skunk’s head without ever being in danger of being sprayed because I kept broadcasting to her my intention. Didn’t get it all off, but enough to where she might be able to manage to survive.