This is in reply to an email from a friend about Red Elk’s sick dog, a Sheltie named Rascal.  BaBa was his beloved schnauzer.


We were going to take him in to have him injected this morning.  Wouldn’t EAT OR DRINK.  Poor guy.  Normally I do the “job” but this guy, well, I couldn’t.  Adam came and I went out to help unload his rig, stopping to pet Rascal and say “sweet words” to him before going.  Knew time was short for the fella.  Was gone less than a half hour.  He had “passed” when we came in.  Body still warm.

Put him in my Pickup and drove a short distance from house.  Adam and I said our goodbyes (Adam liked him too) and then put his body close to BaBa’s and my other large guys (Malamutes). Leaving him exposed so “others” could use for THEIR lives. Helping the CIRCLE OF LIFE go on. (Would like MY demise to be the same).

While praying, I was TAKEN to Dog Heaven…He and BaBa  (the VERY BEST OF FRIENDS in life here) were on the TALL Earth MOUND “fence”, setting and looking down on me….GRINNING and Mind Chatting between themselves.  BOTH were SO EXCITED and SO DARN HAPPY!  They looked at me….GRIND IN JOY…and in the GREATEST OF  HAPPINESS, turned and ran down the other side.  LEAPING into the JOY MASS called DOG HEAVEN.  I was returned, happy for ALL the BILLIONS of dog there!

ALL have a HEAVEN reserved for their kind.  Cat / Horses / Hamsters / Birds / EVEN INSECTS and FISH!  (Been to CAT and HORSE Heaven as well).  “DAD” LOVES  A  L  L   HIS CHILDREN….even PLANT LIFE!

The Trees and Weeds and Flowers / Etc. seem to “REPLANT” in MAIN Heaven…and EMIT COLORS so RADIANT they almost BLIND!  The FRAGRANCES there are UNBELIEVABLE!    EVERYTHING EMITTING ETERNAL  J  O  Y !!!  For ALL to enjoy!

I’ve helped animals and people “go over”.  Stopped ALOT of “shades” (ghosts) SEE and GO!  Hauntings ceased.  HOME AT LAST!

Even twice seen pets and “owners” (both ‘passed’) REUNITE!   Seems Loved Ones / Things CAN VISIT AT WILL!  Something to see. ( :

A sad thing to experience is today’s Funerals of humans who have committed Suicide.  MOURNERS just about “flipping out”.  “OH, He / She has GONE to HELL!”


THEY ARE PLACED IN A “HOSPITAL”!    There, “Doctors” and “Nurses”…ANGEL ONES!  Walk up and down VAST Dorms.  Bed by Bed they Walk…AND EMIT TOTAL LOVE to their “patients”.

Patients are often “in a daze”.  NOT “TRAINED” TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!

In time, as they “come to their senses”, they are released from the “barracks” (these ‘barracks’ HAVE NO WALLS   BUT:  you KNOW WALLS ARE THERE!!!).  Anyway, when mentally better, they can go out into “the yard” (No WALLS but HAS WALLS).  Here they experience WALKING IN HIM…”Heaven”.

When FULLY HEALED, they then are sent into the Heavenly ALL.  Aho?

I (AND OTHERS) have SEEN this.  TAKEN and SHOWN!

I get so POed! over RELIGIONS that have mankind “INJECTED” by CONTROLLING FEAR!   Their teachings about Suicide” is SO WRONG!


This does NOT mean Suicide is “ok”….it rarely needs to occur.  Occurs when “Life” gets too overpowering to some.  Folks who don’t as yet, Know GOD CAN HEAL one’s woes.




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