Friends / and those who don’t want to be :   Over my years of service to my calling, I have learned many things.  Most are shareable, and I am.  Here and in my book.

I would like to share this:

Man(kind) does not understand life…so therefore can Not understand death.

Man(kind) does not understand death…so therefore can Not understand life.

Man(kind) does not UNDERSTAND THEIR SELVES.  Their REASON.  Their UNIQUENESS and the SPECIAL “BEING” each individual is.  So how CAN they understand the first two?

We are very special, folks.  Almost HOLY. Made to SHARE With / In the Great Creator.  To actually WALK WITH / IN “Him”.

Each of us has “God” WITHIN!  Yet we don’t act like it.  We have forgotten.

We have clothed ourselves with the “Ways Of The World”.  Self.

It was not meant to be.  Nor has it need to continue. It’s a MATTER OF WILL.

Only YOU, and YOU ALONE who can reverse your painful life….for SELF is a Lonely place.

All the partying, All the drinking, All the sex sex sex, All the drugs, All the killings, All the wars…are only to hide your loneliness.  Your search to “Find your Soul” in a sense.  We use these things to HIDE OUR MISSING PART of being WITH “GOD”.

All this time, centuries after centuries, “He” has never left ANY of us.  Always waiting. Always staying at our side. Always whispering “come back to me, my love, my child.”  Never has “He” ceased.

It is YOU that have fought that still, quiet voice…”come to me Child…I AM here…come to me.”

“He” Is, too!  RIGHT THERE WITH YOU…whispering: “return”…”come home”. “Let me hold you, hug you, kiss you”.  “Come BACK, let ME BE YOUR” COMPLETE FATHER.  I LOVE YOU!”  Come back……………………

Only you can return.  “He” left that decision up to you.  Totally.

There is no need to hate.  No need to “side” over names.  No need to see color, or culture differences.

There is but ONE “color”…the color called…..Love.

We started as ONE.  We can RETURN to ONE.  Mitakuye Oyasin: ONE RELATION.     Aho?  Ho.   re



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