As readers all know…I’m “into” VERY Low-Cost SALVAGED-TO-BUILD domes.   I’ve learned alot.  Also that most “couldn’t” live in things so small.  In days ahead MANY will LEARN tho!

Mine are 10 cents to $350.00…(last quite “fancy”…thus the higher cost).

Sky’s FAR bigger and I expect it to go about $200.00…”FANCY”!

For any contemplating similar…AND HAVE MONEY…there are FASTER and STRONGER, EASY Ones that can be built.  Still very cheap.

I hope to put out a book on these (in time).

One thing I’d do differently (given the $$) would be to FIRST “fit out” the FURNITURE placement….THEN the Size needed to contain these.

Still wont be a Square Box “mansion”, but EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE.   Say about $5,000.00.

If you go to “Search” and type in HOBBIT HUT IN WALES  you will find EXACTLY what I’m talking about.  4 months and under $10,000.00 MOVE IN READY.  Self-Built.  CHECK IT OUT!   Mine are on that “line”.  Our one on other property about This size…and quite similar (we hope).  34 ft inside diameter by 18 ft tall.  Adding an extension to it as well.  That area as Kitchen / Toilet / Storage.  Built for our family of 6.  Only expect 3 tho.

Anyway, adding this to this post…in case any would like to get into “housing” without an “arm and a leg”.  THAT’S EXACTLY WHY I’M BUILDING THESE.  An EXAMPLE to give HOPE to the Homeless and families “doubling up” at relatives’ homes.  I’d like to see a “movement” of Like-Minded.  HELPERS HELPING OTHERS!  Aho?   re



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