$$ for Kids

Today’s kids often have no way to “get a job”.  No longer can find/turn in Pop and Beer bottles in most states like when I was a boy.  SOME States still do (Oregon for one).

But there are still OTHER ways….Lawn Cutting….Weeding….General yard Cleaning….Etc.

If you’re on a Shipping (ships) area….and the kid(s) like to fish,  Well, here, boys go catch CARP / Etc., then take um to the Big Ship Docks and look for Asian Freighters.  Selling their catch “on the spot” to the cook(s).  Do alright too!

Any can do this. Adults as well.  Just keep ’em on ice.  Aho?

Carp / Suckers / +, NEED NO LICENSE TO CATCH  (CHECK tho first) and you can catch NO LIMIT….YEAR ROUND.

I made decent $$ selling WORMS on “to the lake” Roads.  Up to 6 years ago I sold these as bait.  Just spent a few hours with a “part Dead” flashlight and got Dozens of Nightcrawlers.  Kept ’em in WET NEWSPAPER in my “worm box”.  Had a good thing going til the County added Chlorine to their water.  KILLED ‘EM ALL!

My favorite tho was (and STILL IS)  Shallow Water SALVAGE.  Tie a steel rake to a strong line…”dredge” the dock (Etc.) Bottom…snag and bring up the “catch” and owners paid / pays VERY WELL.  Rare for me to Skin Dive for things.

The biggest “catch” was a BRAND NEW FIBERGLASS DINGY!  Owner never DID tell me how he managed to sink it.  In under an hour I had $300.00.

Taught this to Matt (oldest grandson).  This early summer he “contracted” to salvage a 16 ft. Fiberglass canoe.  In under an hour…$100.00!

I’ve even made $$ live trapping loose PETS.  The old BOX and STICK (with string to me, in hiding).  EASY MONEY!   ($20.00 for a Hamster…$15 for cats / Etc.).

Make $$s Dowsing broken pipes to run-away pets too….but that takes some time learning.  Sky (youngest grandson) does this now too (I taught him).  He’s learning “Map Dowsing” now as well. CHECK IT OUT (internet) and PRACTICE.

There IS $$ for kids, if given a little thought.  Boys and Girls alike.  Aho?  re



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