Well, now have the BIG “Bad” Tarp over all the rest.  Had Sky and buddy help….tho under full protest.  “Tomorrow”.  Told um I’ve “heard that again and again….GET YOUR SHOES ON AND TURN THOSE DANG GAMES OFF.  Let’s GO!”  Saw I’d had enough of their excuses….they ‘go-ed’!  ( :

Told ‘em “it’s not hard work”  (did NOT tell ‘em of the HUGE STONES needed lugging to hold the edges down).  WORKED ‘EM NEAR TO DEATH!  ( :  ( :

Once done, we tried the Cone Fireplace.  THINKING the tall chimney was NOT close enough to the tarps on top….well : MELT!

So I let the tin cool and took off the one LONG one…inserting only the shorty that was on the longer.  Tried again.  JUST RIGHT!

The melt created a large hole through ALL the tarps.  PERFECT “CHIMNEY”!  I’ll leave it JUST LIKE IT IS.  Snow / Rain wont be a problem….with fire going it turns to STEAM and exits as that.  Not big enough to cause a problem with no fire…and when leaving for long periods, will be putting a wide Tarp completely over the hole.  Stopping all snow / rain that would come in (doing DITTO on Adams as well). Aho?

So, LOOKING GOOD and NEARLY OUTSIDE READY!   The GOOD Tarp will go on next.  Then will Secure with Crisscross ropes all along.  Ground to Ground.  Just to make SURE no winds cause trouble.  Aho?

The edges will all be in the trench and then bermed.  THAT (fully covered) will then be done.  Next to the inside doing.  Can “do” secure from the weather.  Can take my time.  Do it up RIGHT.  Aho?

The boys sat inside…actually WIDE-EYED at the ROOM inside.  This thing is HUGE (when compared to the other 2).  A REAL Cabin HOME!

We can fit BOTH the others in this AND HAVE EXTRA ROOM TO SPARE!  (I’m NOT KIDDING!) !!!

Price hasn’t risen a bit.  Still mostly SALVAGED Materials.  Purty sure $200.00 will do…outside AND IN, comfortably.  YARD LOOKING ALOT CLEANER now.  ( :

I’m happy. Wife’s happy. NEIGHBORS Happy TOO!  (Suspect the County “cops” will b as well.  SURE HOPE SO!).

So, that’s the report for today.  Melt and All.   PTL!    Re



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