Some may wonder why I go “on and on” about “God”.  “Why not more Medicine Man Stuff?  That’s what I’M most Interested in!”

I AM “doing “Medicine”!…and the most DIFFICULT Healing ANY Med. Person (or ANY) can do.  TRYING TO HEAL THE “ACHES AND PAINS”….The “WHYS ?” of “this and that”, that every human being has. The SPIRITUAL ROOT that Heals and Answers ALL these problems.  YOUR SPIRITUAL NEED!
Ever been to a dentist for a Root Canal?  One that NEEDS TO HAVE NO NOVACAINE to get to the ROOT of the infection beFORE actual surgery CAN be done?  (I speak from personal Experience).  ???   Well, this Healing Work is JUST LIKE THAT!!
DARN PAINFUL on the patient!
(Makes ya wish you’d never came in seeking help!).

N O T H I N G!!

UFOs / Alians / Mel’s Hole / War Reasons / Politics / Etc. knowledge ARE NOT GOING  TO HELP “where it COUNTS”!
Get to the ROOT and ALL gets Understood…AND Answered.
So, friends, there is the ROOT of why I do so much “God Talk”.
Big Brother, we NA know as “The Greatest Med. Man That Ever Has Been”, was / is also still Living.  Still teaching.  Still healing.  HE NEVER STAYED DEAD!  Still around folks.  STILL WITH US!
He told “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom Of God and ALL THESE THINGS will be Given Unto you”.  ALL your “WHAT” and “WHYS” of EVERYTHING!
Ever wonder why He so often said (after a healing work)  “Go … and SIN NO MORE!”  ???
“Sin” brings the illnesses / etc.. The word “sin” means “Disobey God” (check your concordance).
The word “repent” means “Return to God” (check your concordance).
I am “The Dentist from HELL”. (or so it seems).  ( :
Friends, its Your “Call”.  You can leave the “Dental Chair” at any time.  I, nor GOD “HIMSELF”,  will “tie you down” to that chair.  YOU PAY THE BILL.  You came in volunntarily, you can leave voluntarily. “He” AND I, WILL LOVE YOU ANYWAY.
So, friend(s)….know I AM doing doing a “Med. Work”… EXTREME Medicine Work!!

CreatorGod Bless.       Re



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One Response to “The Dentist From Hell”

  1. Living Documents says:

    I have to add something here…I really really have a hard time accepting that there are idiots out there who claim to be interested in ‘medicine ways’ yet completely fail to understand that medicine ways COME FROM GOD no matter by what name God is called. Go read any biography of a NA medicine man, they say the same thing.

    So OF COURSE God is going to be spoken about here.

    Wanting to know ‘medicine’ without God is wanting to know sorcery, and is completely service-to-self.