Listen to What You Listen To

Often I’ve told of my fascination with SOUND.  In my “work” I’ve used Tibetan Crystal Bowls to Sticks on stone to Drums to even Flutes.  Depending on the thing needed.

Sound is The     FIRST     PHYSICAL    Creation MAKER  (“and God SAID”).  Aho?

Sound is able to INGRAIN Joy / Happiness / Anger / Killing…etc.

Today’s generation are as they are (“screwy ” ( :     ) due to what is being put out in the “music” world.

And we ADULTS are using the TV / Radio to get US in “a mood”.

Look into Scriptures…see what IT has to say…..”soothes the wild beast” / etc..

With the proper use of it you can FAST GROW Plants…LUSHLY!       They THRIVE!!!

Add the OTHER 4 Senses….and you can put yourself into state of mind that is UNBELIEVABLE!

We in “Med.” often slowly chew a tiny piece of our sacred plants…NOT one that’s a NARCOTIC!  The same plant, we Breathe in the odor of.  Again, this is NOT a DRUG plant.  It simply helps us get into the right frame of mind for what we are to work on.  IE:  SMELL (one of the 5 senses).  Aho?


Sound, tho…seems to be “King”.

Try GOOD sound about you….it WILL calm you. Can even HEAL YOU!

Combined, the 5 you CAN EASILY LIFT and LEVITATE…OR help in TELEPORTATION.  Any number of things.

Fantastic thing…Sound.

There is a sound, a CONTROLLING sound, you hear 24 hours around the clock…..FROM CONCEPTION ‘TIL DEATH.   One that you are SO USED TO, YOU IGNORE IT COMPLETELY!…your HEART BEAT


I’ve been in Heart Attack Wards…ALL dark…ALL no NOISE.  NOTHING TO THINK OF BUT YOUR OWN FEARS!  Give GOOD UPLIFTING MUSIC and watch the irregular heartbeat calm down.  (Doctors are sorta kinda “idiots”).  sheeessh

It’s NOT the “occasion” that MAKES it vibrate its “beat”…its YOU that are CONTROLLING…..IT!

Use this knowledge to create your day mood(s).  Aho?    re


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