To any searching for a SAFE AND CONSISTENT Career (or career change)…I’d look into NURSING.

At the very least: First Aid / EMT / EMT 11.  (There’s another beyond that but I can’t recall its name).

I’ve ran into A WHOLE LOT of “University” students that are majoring in BUSINESS MANAGMENT.  Most of these working at 7-11.

WHAT a LOUSY MAJOR!  So RARE to get a High Paying job in that field.  Nearly IMPOSSIBLE!!!

In today’s economy MANY tiny to HUGE Companies are SCRAMBLING to stay afloat.  (I personally know a few Owners / CEOs who are in “those shoes”.  VERY HIGH STRESS work.

MOST of the students that DO get their Degree Work…do / will get ONLY “Business Management” work…MANAGING THE 7-11s / Burger Kings / Etc.!  MAKING EQUAL to LESS that the CASHIERS they “manage”.  WORKING nearly DOUBLE their HOURS.  (So, in the long run; LESS, cause the Management Jobs are on a SET FEE!).

I’ve warned 3 who were about to take a Management Position.  NONE LISTENED.  ALL 3 QUIT at a year’s time…and told me “You were RIGHT!”

So, reader, NURSING will ALWAYS BE A NEEDED POSITION.  Even in the “days ahead”.

Art major?  JUST filling a HOBBIE!

News major (media)?  A scramble…AND CONTROLLED on what you say.  (You work FOR THE GOVERNMENT in THEIR AGENDA!).

Teacher?  Jobs there are available…for now.  ARE YOU “For” the “New Math” Etc.?  YOU WILL BE LOCKED INTO A “GOVT.” (controlled) JOB There TOO!

Postal Service work is purty “safe”…IF you can get in it.

But, basically…if you want to support a college education (your own or family member)….NURSING Wins HANDS DOWN!     re



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