In this morning’s TV News, they are talking of people having to turn “in” their family pets…due to “can’t afford to keep ‘em” (oil spill States).

I warned about this in my book.  Not foreseeing it happening NOW, but as a FUTURE event.

My wife has gone “nuts” over Chihuahuas.  Started with one.  Now 7 !   PLUS her Shelty.

Cute dogs…darn smart…entertaining.  But basically a useless (in FUTURE) animal breed.

Can SHE “let ‘em go”?  Doubt it.  Would tear her apart.  (ME TOO, darnit).



“You’re forgetting, re, they are GOOD PROTECTION!  WARN!” (Etc.).

Well, they Can WARN….AND GIVE YOU AWAY by their noise!

To “make it” you’ll NEED to Turn ‘Em Lose (Can YOU DO THAT?!)….Kill ‘em (can you do THAT?)….Eat ‘em to feed your KIDS (can you DO THAT?)…or, suffer, yourself.


If things go on “as is”….you had BETTER think about it!

Worse yet…new human BABIES!    “Woe the woman who suckles”.  IE:  In THOSE (these?) DAYS….The Creator “HIMSELF” WARNS AGAINST PREGNANCIES and NEWBORNS!

PETS are NOTHING compared to your BABY!

To me, this TV News Show is a PRE-WARNING FOR US!



(PS; there ARE animals that can “handle themselves”….CATS / GOATS.  Might be others as well.  PEOPLE Need COMPANIONSHIP….but you must be WISE!  Aho?    re



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28 Responses to “WARNING”

  1. Marcus says:

    Who were the ancient people of egyt and the first to descover North America

  2. Marcus says:

    What can i do to be closer to the lord.

  3. Marcus says:

    what does the futhur say about earth know.

  4. Living Documents says:

    NO ONE discovered it! The NA came WITH the AmericaS when it broke off from the one continent. Drifted to here. The NA “floated in on the log” sorta thing. All this occurred during the time of ALL started building the “Tower Of Babel”. Earth flipped then. re

  5. Living Documents says:

    #1 Read the Bible. Understand it as a ‘love letter’ from Dad to you, and let it ‘speak’ to you. Use a concordance to get to the original writings and their meanings (make sure its for the same Bible you’re reading, tho!)
    #2 Pray. Get on your knees and talk to God.
    #4 Give thanks for everything.

  6. Living Documents says:

    Pay attention to what I’ve written…and HUNGER! re

  7. Living Documents says:

    The 4 HORSEMEN are all now here. You’re seeing the results of what “He” tells. READ HIS WORD!
    Evidently the masses are NOT repenting (over-all). CAN BE STOPPED if 84 to 87 % of the earths masses TURN AWAY FROM THEIR UNGodly Ways. re

  8. Marcus says:

    If the Apocalypse come what can i do to help stop it, and if it happens i will always be on god side no matter what happens to me.

  9. Marcus says:

    were do i go because i live in SouthCarlina

  10. Marcus says:

    ive always watch your youtube videos and try to do what you say but cant do all the floating and stuff what can i do.

  11. Living Documents says:

    ASK “DAD” on ALL of this. I’m not Him, friend…so can’t comment for you. SEEK KNOCK FIND. If REALLY on “God Side”, you’ll be able to hear. Aho? re

  12. Living Documents says:

    Your ‘can’ts’ are what is holding you back. You’re positive you ‘can’t’ do it, so you make that true. Stop using that word.

  13. Marcus says:

    is the government going to reveal ufo soon

  14. Marcus says:

    I just found out that i have a little charokee indian in me i want to know how long back it was

  15. Marcus says:

    and what type of people they were

  16. Living Documents says:

    Red Elk is a medicine man, not a geneologist. Your family members are the ones you need to talk to, and research.

  17. Living Documents says:

    Google ‘cherokee’. There’s plenty of information on them online.

  18. Living Documents says:

    You’ve got ALL the info I’m giving. NO MORE! My book to be out soon. You can buy that. Good luck (and ASK DAD!). re

  19. Marcus says:

    thankyou for answering all my questions

  20. Marcus says:

    when does it come out so i can buy it

  21. Living Documents says:

    You’ll know when the rest of us do, because it will be announced on the blog.

  22. Marcus says:

    will it have all the enformation i need

  23. Living Documents says:

    Kid, I’m not even going to relay this comment to him because you are just being lazy now and he has no patience for lazy people. You are also CLEARLY NOT LISTENING. HE HAS TOLD YOU WHERE TO GET THE INFORMATION YOU’RE ASKING FOR!!! Stop looking for someone else to do the work for you!!!

  24. Marcus says:

    man i shouldnt buy the book with you being so mean

  25. Marcus says:

    but i am because i like redelk

  26. Marcus says:

    One day i saw my aunt floating with red eyes do you know what is wrong with her

  27. Living Documents says:

    So then why don’t you listen and apply the wisdom he has ALREADY given you? Every comment from ‘Living Documents’ that is not signed by me or Heather is from Red Elk and he has answered you repeatedly in this thread alone.

  28. Living Documents says:

    You know how to get ALL your answers. GB re