Got a small donation today.  Not a lot BUT ENOUGH to get ANOTHER ROLL OF THE TAPE I PREFER!  10 ROLLS now!  (Had THOUGHT all I needed was THREE!).  Live and Learn.  ( :
Going to put “useless” (weather ripped / etc.) tarps on the dome today.  Will at least help SOME on covering “Pokey Through” Willow “nubbins”.
THEN MORE BLANKETS over them….THEN the heavy GOOD Hay Tarp.  Gotta wait on  the blankets (donations $$) before doing the big tarp though…so will be awhile.  Aho?
As of now, MANY DIFFERENT COLORS  are on.  Will get DECENT Cheap Shop (cheap) WHITE sheets and put these INSIDE…hiding all those various colors.  Aho?
Went “window shopping” and looked a various sized STACKABLE (and “lockable”) Plastic (see through) containers.  Ones that stack from Bottom BIG to progressively SMALL size.  These to be Sky’s Food Storage compartments “Kitchen” area.  RODENT PROOF.  Have a large Ice Cooler for perishables.  He’ll be all set when finished.
Looked at other things as well.  These are “add-ons” to the dome.  I don’t count them as Dome Building cost.  So, with tax…$60.00 will finish the “kitchen” area.
Got a number of free wood pieces yesterday.  All helpful in his dome And any others yet to be.  Always looking and always thinking ahead.  Just couldn’t over-look the FREE opportunity.  Aho?
Sure have a number of BUILD CHEAP li’l abodes in mind.  Show ALL the options THEY can do…on next to nothing.  Aho?
Saw a tall “bucket” too.  Not sure if it can accept the Porta Potty seat.  Would be wise to double up 2…stronger that way.  IF the seat fits right, I’ll get ’em.
So, THINKING ON THE INTERIOR now.  Might as well, need the blankets and sheets before the abode is ready to occupy on a consistent basis.  (CAN be used NOW, IF the boy(s) want to sleep on EARTH for a night).  Aho?
Ok, off to ‘DOING’.
GB      re


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