To all:  I am really enjoying my “Gnome Home / Hobbit Hut” building.  Very relaxing to me  (despite little help).

To see something emerge from pure imagination to full reality is always….Awesome!

You don’t need to “build a house”…it can be Anything.  Write a book.  Learn to ride a horse.  Do a miniature of an invention idea.  ANYTHING.

“Ye are as gODS” the Good Book says.  What would THAT mean?   INVENTER!  Is but just one Major one.

As a LOVE Follower tho, be very careful of WHAT you ‘invent’.  A good idea Can BACKFIRE!

The MACHINE GUN was invented by a PASTOR…who thought less men would be needed to WAR, with this.  He WANTED to SAVE LIVES!  So what were the end results?  To defeat the enemy(s) the “Leaders” sent MORE MEN against these guns to OVERCOME ‘EM.   Killing THOUSANDS, instead of Less.

See what I mean?

The BEST INTENTIONS can go awry in OTHERS’ hands!   So, BE CAREFUL!

As a Medicine Man, there are many “doings” I’ve learned . “Doings” I DARE  NOT teach / share.  These would be used IN THE WRONG WAY by others. WONDERFUL “secrets”.  Secrets only the Creator “Himself” has / will pick out the RIGHT (hearted) people to have the knowledge of.  Folks “He” can TRUST.

Believe my on THIS statement :  “HE’S” VERY VERY SELECTIVE!

In time, more and more Will be able to know these things as well, too.

Still “down the road” though.

I’m writing this ‘INVENT’ piece to help you Fulfill the DREAMING(s) many have.  To have FUN.  To SEE what you thought could be done, CAN be done.  Aho?

LOOK AT MY DOMES as an example…..10 CENTS for one.  $350.00 for another…and my latest I estimate at Under $200.00!  All, LIVABLE SPACES.

I didn’t need $200,000.00 and UP  (AND the SWEAT of PAYMENTS or TAXES) to do this. Just a Dream it COULD be done, cheaply, given some thought.

So, turn yourself loose….TRY!   and maybe You TOO can “have fun”.   Aho?    re


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