A brother emailed:

RE Hi, I wanted to let you know how I am doing with the whole Hologram concept. Today while walking my dog and praying DAD spoke to me and revealed so things. Doing this self awareness that I am being confronted by what is in me by who and what is happening out there, I really began to ask DAD to change me to cleanse me and heal me of the things I am finding.

BUT today DAD spoke something powerful that goes back to the KINGDOM IS WITHIN…. I am so used to operating out of the flesh that is at war with GOD and little experience operating out of the Kingdom! What DAD was saying is YOU ARE CLEAN, YOU DO HAVE A PURE HEART, ect…when you were BORN AGAIN I have given you all that you need, I AM IN you and with you. So I need to learn how to operate out of the NEW HEART that GOD has given me and not out the Flesh that is always in Conflict with everything.

I would like your help in what you have done to lay aside the things of the flesh and LIVE AND MOVE from ones Spirit in the Power of the Holy Spirit…is it meditation or Faith or a combination of a number of things? Thanks I see how the Flesh or Old Nature is part and parcel with the World system run by “L” so I want to Live in the Spirit and DIE to the Flesh….GOD bless

Red Elk replied:

Don’t you get it?  You ARE “Dead to the flesh”!

It’s by not BELIEVING that, that your / man’s problem is based.

When you were baptized and rose from the watery grave, that FLESH body (and all it contained) was left in the grave. “L” HAS SET hIS “Don’t beleive it”! TRAP!  AND YOU’VE FALLEN FOR IT!

“Born again” = Born AS THE FIRST TIME…BRAND NEW and TOTALLY INNOCENT!  A BABY….fresh from the “grave” Womb.

“L” has you / us DIPPING BACK INTO OUR FORMER CORPSES.  IE : WE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY START “Pining” for our SINFUL past WAYS!  Thus become “double dippers”….a Sin here, a GOD thing there.  In a SHORT TIME we have a tendency to RE-DRESS our SINLESS (new) SELF with the rotting skin of our own DEAD CORPSE.

As a NEW BORN, that “dead body clothing” is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, so we are in constant struggle to disrobe that OLD FLESH.

HOW can one “fight” this?”  ACCEPT YOU DIED!

“SEE” what you are DOING is…”Grave ROBBING”!

STOP   B  E  L  I E  V  I  N  G     “L”!!!!!!






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