Well, well past my bed time.  Adam (Co-owner of #2 dome) here.  We’ve been “exchanging energy”.  I have my abilities…Spiritual…others, theirs.  Adam has paid by fixing the sink’s plumbing / fixed our door frame (door was FALLING OUT!) / and giving a hand on #3 dome.  He had all the tools needed …. And HIS knowledge.

So, (to “friend” who advised I “get a JOB”); …told you I was DOING my job.  FAMILY NEEDS NOW TAKEN CARE OF.  GOD’S WAY, not “man’s”.

See what I mean?

TRUST IN GOD and all Will ALWAYS work out!

Or, go earn your $$ the hard way.  (Most DO do it that way).  Aho?

And “friend”, thanks for the opportunity to be able to share this. ( REALLY!  THANK YOU!)   GB!   Re



A sister replied:

Isn’t it sad that so many have forgotten this natural way of exchange??? Here some more people know to value that way. Mind you, amongst those who join that way, a sence of (personal)connection is growing, a sence which isn’t there among those who do on “money-exchange”.

True, since we are still in this money based society, we need some of it. But it’s just great to do without it where possible. Just wonderfull to see that “group”slowly growing here.

Hope the one you mentioned the E for, has got the core of your message……………


Red Elk answered her:

Hope so too, but DOUBT IT.

“L” used Scripture to test Jesus.  Jesus used Scripture to COUNTERATTACK him.

This is exactly what “friend” did.  “L” did it THROUGH him…I saw that and had to wait for “payday” (Adam).  Once that was so, was able to rebuke “friend” (“L” IN him) by SHAREING that MY TRUST was Viable.  Aho?

This “friend” truly meant well…but totally had / has NOT seen HE WAS BEING USED BY “L”!

Scripture can be a “2 edged sword”.  and you’d better be VERY CAREFULL on WHO you “try to ‘help'”….in my case, Big Brother IN me (NOT me).

There are so MANY just like “friend”.

“Get a JOB!”…..hummm, 68 yrs old.  One heart attack. Three strokes. Amputee. Diabetic. Who WOULD hire me!????

Like I said, I HAVE a job…my “Employer” is……GOD!

This poor guy (assume a guy), (and all like him) WILL lose their means of support (“man job”) in time.  “Christian” or not….THEY WILL BE “LOST”.  “Fall” like DOMINOES!

They have become complacent in their Man Jobs….(with IS of God)….to the point they feel ‘smug’ over their ‘abilities to ‘do’ for their personal families.  This is VERY DANGEROUS!  They are often SO “COMPLACENT” THAT THEY EVEN FAIL TO  P R A I S E  HIM that it (man job) is a DAY BY DAY GOD GIFT!

“He’ll” handle THAT,


I AM VERY THANKFUL for “friend’s” writing.  I am SO THANKFUL to “L” / sATAN for THIS CHANCE to TEACH to NOT have Anger / Etc., but to see what was / is TRULY taking place.  I am So GRATEFUL to “DAD” that I have learned to “see” what is going on…and TURN “L” / sATAN into (in at least This incident)  a DEFEATED ENEMY.  I am so ETERNALLY THANKFUL to our Big Brother JESUS THE LIVING CHRIST….for BEING  I N  ME to GROW / LEARN / COMBAT the everyday happenings of this we call “Life”.  I too am So THANKFUL to ALL God’s ANGELS who watch over me…and too, are here, AT MY “BECK AND CALL”….to provide any ANY extra “hand” needed.  REGARDLESS of what they need may be.

I have LEARNED that the CREATOR is AS REAL AS AM I!  MY “Dad”.

And, my sister, I thank YOU for your INSIGHTFUL Email,  that I can now use,  to Better TEACH.

CreaterGod BLESS!….your brother,  in HIM……re



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