My comment on the use of a Circle for sleep / meditation has caused 3 returns.  All 3 wanting to try it but an impossibility in their bedrooms.  This IS a problem.

Ever consider WHY so many NA make a “circled” abode (others, world wide, too)?


Our Great Turtle (Mother Earth) and all planets CIRCLE the sun.

It STARTS there.

Many Nature Beings build on that ‘line’.  Birds / Squirrels / Beavers….even schools of many fish swim in vast circling ways.  Many Herds stand against their enemies in a  circle.

We NA observed this and paid attention.

You are not aware that the Pyramids were CIRCLE Set.  Their 4 corners TOUCHED the EDGE of A CIRCLE!

TiPis / Domes / Hogans are Circle “based”.

Why has the “civilized” world gone Square?!


Circles allow Earth’s wind flows to be less disrupted.  Not so SQUARES!  Squares FIGHT the wind. “STAND AGAINST them….and get KNOCKED DOWN!”  NATURE FIGHTS BACK, in a sense.

To me, square buildings are an offense…AND an ARROGANCE, toward the Creator.  “He” set the circle way up…and MAN STANDS AGAINST “Him”!

If you will note,  The NA Nations that “lived Square” were often the more WAR-LIKE.

Lots to consider, that most never EVEN THINK OF.

Some NA built along the line of a COCKROACH body shape.  Rather low…Round ends, Sloped Walls.

Science says the cockroach has not changed its shape in “ages”…AND say THEY will be the Survivors of nuclear holocausts, as well.

Yes, LOTS to consider.

OK, Can’t “circle” your bed?   THEN CIRCLE YOUR HOUSE!  Even if a COCKROACH “Circle”.  Use PLANTS to “draw your circle”.  Re-design your LANDSCAPE to protect / energize the WHOLE HOUSE!

Then, your Square is IN a CIRCLE!

Just as are the pyramids.       re



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