Medicine Ways of Fighting SLEEP LACK

I don’t know why this works, but have seen the results on both myself and several others:


By that, I mean the DIRECTION you sleep.

SEEMS to be something to do with our Inner “Compass”.  ???

I had an elderly gentleman, very bad off.  Given but short weeks to live.  I had his caretaker change his position.  Tried more then one (‘til he “hit” his “sweet spot”.  He lived just over 2 more years.

SEEMS to work on “Restless legs” too.  (Night leg cramping / jerks).

Yet another:  sleep in a CIRCLE.  Place your’ bed in a circle (drawn or ?) around it.  It has to be FULLY circled.

WARNING tho:  this can ACTIVATE as Well as Negate the energies.  Either to a GREAT SLEEP or to an EXTREMELY ACTIVE Brain Activity.

I use the circle for the latter…SUPER FOR MEDITATION!    re


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