The future decision regarding your question would be So MUCH SIMPLER to answer IF I WHERE ALONE.

I do not expect to be tho.  I HOPE at least Some of my family will be with me.

For THEM, my decision would be biased.

If me, ALONE, it would be “another ball game”.

As I’ve shared with you in the past:  I’ve 2 “spots” to “watch over”.  “Spots” that open “other places”.

At a given time, I am to ‘open’ these 2 places for the ones the Creator wants to go in….I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE.  Then, at a given time, I am to ‘shut the 2 doors’ and that can only be done from “HERE”.  If one shows up EVEN A MOMENT PAST THAT “SHUT” TIME, they will NOT be allowed in.  They, as I, MUST STAY AND “FACE THE MUSIC”.

I have no idea who will be sent during this ‘doors opening time’…OR how many.

It would be nice to see my own loved ones enter, but that would be up to “Him”.

One “door” opens to the Inner Land(s) below us….the other, to a different dimension. EITHER PLACE A PLACE OF SAFE REFUGE from what THIS “reality” holds.

All I KNOW is “Go, now, and open the doors.  Shut at My command, and walk away to the “reality” you are in when the work is completed”.

I ASSUME there are such doors, and “door keepers” (as myself), around our planet.

Sure would be nice to see my family go through one.  Preferably, the Dimension one.

“LIFE’S a “BEACH” “.     ( :    GB    re


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