A friend asks:

RE hi, I have a question. On this path of Hologram knowledge a lot comes up, I will give you an example. Politics, the concept seems so futile now if life is a projection then thinking an external person can help me is ridiculous BUT I do get so Angry at the lies, the power grabbing the destruction of freedom ect. I see. MY question is how do I make the change IN ME to acknowledge this anger which probably comes from FEAR, fear that these external people control me, and letting it go or do I give it to Jesus. I am not sure of the Cleansing/Changing process. I want it gone and I know I have a Born Again SPIRIT but my heart, soul emotions are so very human and not changing!

I hope my question is clear enough, I certainly would love to get this crap out of me and be PURE of heart! So I can SEE GOD.   GOD bless and thanks ahead of time!

Red Elk replies:

Governments / Armed Forces / Police / Etc. as you now know, are projections of your inner self.  WHY these as projections:  YOUR PERSONAL DESIRE to have PEACE.

Born INTO sin, you’ve accepted this is the way OF Peace.

Now you are seeing beyond this ACCEPTED Man-Made (lUCIFER) way.  Causing your Anger … anger is often a sign of CONFUSION.

Indeed, in your life-time of going “man-way” then suddenly finding this is a FALSEHOOD that you have grasped since childhood (sin)….well, your frustrations are now bringing in this “How do  I  control” change WANT.

Brother, you need to UNLEARN to be able TO learn ANEW.

Time alone, in the wilderness, can help calm your inner spirit …. “self”.  It’s a CLEANING METHOD that even our Lord used (“He went to the wilderness OFTEN”).

People seem to see only “40 days / nights”….neglecting the verse that says “Often”.

THIS “AWAY” TIME is one that CALMS!

I’d suggest you do an ALONE Camp-Out if at all possible.  It needn’t be long.  A week-end?


Do so as comfortably as you’d like: Tent / Radio / Reading material / Etc., or simply a blanket and matches.

The thing is, is to be ALONE.

LET OUR EARTH MOTHER, Our GRANDFATHER Sun, Grandmother Moon, Grasses, Wood smoke and HIM set you on your path to inner peace.   REJUVENATE!  “UnWIND”!

A little simple PERSONAL Vacation will do MUCH for your inner being.  Your SANITY!

This will be a TEMPORARY relief  (why do you think Big Brother did so, “OFTEN”?).   ???

In time, you will be able to “stand yourself” farther and farther….but it WILL take TIME.  (Remember your age…took you ALL THOSE YEARS to realize you Truly DO Want PEACE!)……a LONG TIME of life to REDO!  Aho?

Your answer lays THERE.   GB    re


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