“God is in all things”.  Ever give thought to THAT?

I’d consider doing so…and pay Particular Attention to the one word: “ALL”.

There are No exceptions in “ALL”!

Every day events.  Meetings.  Quarrels.  Anger.  Joy.  Weather.  Your car breaking down, and On and On.  ALL!

Scripture tells us to “Give PRAISE in ALL things”.    Do YOU?

If so….do you do so….’TIL YOU MEAN IT!?!

“Try” me.  TEST this.  TEST   TEST    TEST !

I tell you true, IT FREES YOU UP!   Suddenly, even the WORSE happenings ARE ACTUALLY GIVEN OVER (UP!) TO “DAD”.  You walk away with a SMILE…not tears and hurts.  Not even Anger.

It has become a “FORGIVE” freedom.

YOUR VERY HEALTH IMPROVES!  (These “holdings” form your’ personALITY).   To the point you may get Ulcers, to Prison Time…or cancer, Etc.

Given UP, you walk IN ‘HIM’….and to be IN ‘Him’ IS to be in JOYFREEDOM! (one word).

This has MANY   AMAZING    results in more ways then the above.

One being TALKING   W  I  T  H  ANIMALS…or a simple flower…or, well, you NAME IT!   ALL means ALL!  Even a CAT! has God Awareness.  So too a Mountain, or a Cloud or a Cougar.  Again, YOU NAME IT!

As I set here, one of our Chihuahuas was on my lap CONVERSING WITH….WITH!….ME.  Mind to Mind.  Not “body language” but TELEPATHY Language.  I can do this with ANYTHING…cause ‘He’ is THERE…IN them!

To the vast majority, I and other Medicine People are either “nuts” or “of SATAN”.


Like I have told you….I can’t make you a Medicine Man / Woman….but ‘HE’ can! (in many ways).  Actually, already HAS….but you forgot.  You set it aside, to follow Mans’ Way.

So, you see folks, If you’re one who thinks that we of “unusual” (and thus “UNGodly”) abilities ARE “BAD”…..well, I’M not “Of Satan” / OR “Nuts”….YOU ARE!

he he he     ( :       re



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