Gypsy Charcoal Lighter

Just for fun…AND SAVE MONEY:  Make a GYPSY Charcoal Lighter.   Take a tin can.  Punch Lots of holes in side / bottom.  2 at rim (opposites).  A “V” wire to those 2 a long “twirling” wire to tip of “V”.  Stuff with A (or more) Briquette (or twigs / dry weeds).  Mix in the fuel with the paper (best to semi-crush the briquette(s)).  Light and start twirling the can.

The rush of air catches the fuel QUICKLY.

A Great FAST Starter for your fire AND you won’t need expensive Pre-soaked briquettes OR “starter”.

Have fun!

(LOTS OF WAYS to “DO” n SAVE.  STUDY!)   Aho?    re



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