Do any here see the Great similarities between N. Indian and Bible yet?

So Many want me to teach them NA Spirituality….something most NA have lost to the invaders forcing us to Their ways.  ‘Til now, nearly all are just Memories…not DOING Works.

The invaders’ ways lost this hundreds and hundreds of years ago to Religions.

ALL had it a LONG time ago.  EVERY SINGLE ONE had this unity with our Creator.

Still, SOME…”whites” AND NA, still DO have this touch.  Very few, but it’s not dead completely.

I’m hoping I can help Both Sides to return to it.  “Bridging” the secular world and NA world BACK to the ONE World.  The one only that can help All, world wide.  A Unity of Cultures under One ‘GOD’.

No more wars.  No more raping our Mother Earth.  No more “I WILL BE THE LEADER” mentality that has become the worlds “norm”.

Sounds odd that a Medicine Man teaches this….but, then, I’m not your standard Medicine man.  None of we 12 Inner Heyoka are.

I Hope you and others start to understand and begin to “lay down our arms”…and raise our LOVE.   Aho?    Re



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