Look at the SU(o)N

Friends, I’ve “met” The Creator in Sweat Lodges….as I go about my Day….while Dome “Doing”….Driving.  You name it.  “HE’S ALWAYS WITH ME.  Gotten to know “Him” pretty well.  Talk to “Him” nearly constantly.

Tho at times I get into “self” the contact is ALWAYS there.  I “Leave” “HIM”… but “He” NEVER leaves ME!

In contemplation today, it occurred to me “He” asks me for NOTHING.  No “Do THIS / Do THAT” “things”.

When I tell “We 12 Inner Heyoka follow “His” ORDERS…..well, they aren’t Exactly “ORDERS”.  They are more SUGGESTIONS.

Leaving Us to Do, OR…..NOT!

In short, It’s BECAUSE we have learned “He” is REAL….and “His” LOVE so INEXHAUSTIVE….we Hear….and we WANT to “obey”.

Well, today I got to thinking on that.  REALIZED “He” ASKED for NOTHING!   NOTHING!!!

Then it dawned on me….”HE” DESERVES RECOGNITION!


How many in our masses even THINK about this?

Why not think on this…Atheists as well.

“HE” CREATED YOU!  Darned if I know why (Creating Me)…but THAT Deserves SOME gratitude. No matter your present situation.

Life in Prison?  Abused?  Out of Work?  Hungry? Disgusted with life? “Hard”?

The Australian Aborigines have a saying: “Look into the SU(o)N and you will not see the SHADOWS”

Even YOU!

Give this writing thought.  GB    re



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