Is That a Basket On Your Head?

I have a question. HOW do Any expect the people of our planet to change…to GROW…to become “one” in LOVE BROTHERHOOD, if we resist TELLING?

Did Big Brother keep quiet?

Has our Creator just “Built” us and tossed us out?

Didn’t The First Born EXAMPLE? And our Maker leave a Book?

Isn’t it told: “FEAR NOT”?….”Make a FOOL of Yourself FOR HIS SAKE”?

Think, ‘oh ye who Know’, on the basket. “Do N O T Hide Your candle”.

Why do you HIDE?

Ashamed? Afraid?

LOVE FOLLOWING should NOT be a “Secret Society”!

TAKE OFF THE BASKET, “all ye that KNOW!! re



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One Response to “Is That a Basket On Your Head?”

  1. Roxana Hale says:

    I am not ashamed, sometimes I am too, honest! The thing that makes it hard for me, are all the mean people in this world. I have a big heart, & it pisses me off that I get criticized for it. How do you get through to a person that is stubborn & shallow acting, yet you know they are brilliant? How do I get his attention? If I flew all the way to Canada, to make a change in someone’s life(as well, as my own), a positive change, it would be worth it, just for the positive change in myself, correct?