Been at the Skydome.  More Willow horizontals put on.  STIFFENED IT RIGHT UP!  MANY MANY MORE to do.  Think I’ll use “bushy” willows INSTEAD OF WIRE.  Least 2/3rds up.  Otherwise may not HAVE enough wire!  Do ‘em HEAVILY all around.  Thick enough to take on the same WIRE “need”. Aho? SHOULD be ok.

I put in another Upright at the very front…making a FORWARD ‘window’ area there.  A “V” upside down…and a SMALL “V” at that. “Narrow”.  Aho?  From bottom (widest) to Top…all the way.  Aho?

Matt came over to help SKY and I hold the Uprights straight as I taped on the Horizontals.  HEAVY HEAVY WIND.  Even with we 3 doing, it WASNT EASY!  Don’t recommend WIND working, at ALL!  What SHOULD have taken about 45 mins. took nearly 3 HOURS!  Done for now.  Time to hole up in the WARM house.  ( :

I will DEFINATELY NEED 3…maby 4….more Strapping Tapes.  I use the type with long strands of ?? in it…not the REG. strapping tape.  MUCH STICKIER and MUCH MUCH Stronger.  Not cheap at all.  About $7.00 a roll.

Got the sticks together to make the tri-pod Sky wants in to hold Pots and Pans and dishes / etc.  CAN start digging the edge of the Sleeping Ledge…wind won’t stop that.  AND cut in the steps to it.  Get that area ready.  Might tomorrow if still High Winds.

So…”moving right along”.  AN EASY build (SO FAR). 

Company all this weekend..  BOOK COMING IN FOR FINAL CHECK!  Have, the 1st half. It was good.  Ho.



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