Sky Dome

Very special thanks to Adam for sending me these pictures to share with everyone!

ZZ Stove in action!

I would like to comment on the New dome pictures just put up on the (“my”) Blog.
This is #2 dome.  The framing done by my 14 year old grandson and Adam (44 years old I think).  I basically supervised. It took them only 4 hours to put together.
The top picture doesn’t look like much, but is the BASIC Start of SKY’S Dome (grandson).  To HIS design.  Very “rough” start….and always changeable.  (Already HAS).
“I’m” doing HIS “way”…so he can learn (mistakes and all).  Doesn’t matter…its “HIS”.  He’ll have Pride of Accomplishment.   Aho?
If a just-turned-14 yr. old can do such a structure, most ANYONE can.

In this photo you can see PVC and CONDUIT Piping.  Literally SALVAGE.  What I / We HAVE ON HAND.  Aho?
Willow will be incorporated too.  FREE from our areas’ creek banks and farmers fields.
As I write this, a buddy of his has come for the weekend (18 yrs old) to help / learn.
As you can see in this and following pics, all domes are Quite “In – The – Open”.  Between I-90 Freeway and our rural rd.
This is deliberate.  To “catch the eye” of passers-by.    HAS, too!
I’m building to SHOW what CAN BE DONE…on “next to nothing”.
I intend to build an “Un-see-able” one at a later date.  Camouflaged as a pile of WOOD.  Old branches / etc. hiding it…as “forest Tree Cutting Cast-Offs”.  Aho?
These are “HOMES”.  Homes of our PAST and homes OF OUR FUTURE.  (IF we continue on the path the world is still / now on).
A number of these pics are “redundant”.  Won’t be on others.  Aho?
On #2 dome, it seems “odd shaped”.  IS!  The FREE Hay Tarp over also covers a Back “corner” EXTENDED “alcove”.  That added to this dome frame to get inside things (luggage / back packs / cut wood / food container) out of the small Inner flooring.  Might LOOK strange, but a reason for it.  Aho?
YOU TOO can “Add”.
In one or two pics you can see #1 dome (recently called “The DELUXE Model” by a sightseer) as well as the framing of #2.
#2 dome has BLANKETS (free) as insulation.

#1 has none (intend to cover fully with earth and sod).
I went “whole hog” on #1.  It has cost $350.00 “to the penny”.  #2…10 CENTS!  (we are now adding to this.  “Fancying” inside).  Perhaps to as much as $50.00.
IN THE “AFTER” Future…..NONE will be “fancy”.  ALL will be EXTREMELY BASIC.  A Frame, a Cover.  That’s IT.
I’m aware not all have Willows available.  That’s when a builder must “SEE” other building materials.  STONE huts….DUG Outs…etc.
Caves?  EVER TRY ONE?  DARN COLD in winter and DARN SMOKY with a fire.  But better then nothing, though.  People of the distant  past used them, as well as in various “recent” wars.  Aho?
OK, enjoy.  Maybe get inspired?       Creator Bless.




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  1. Donna says:

    Sky dome is very impressive! Tell Sky he has a a right to be proud!! BTW.. you need to get a picture of Sky by is dome! 🙂