Time to Eat!

Our State (Washington) struggles with the need for money…our taxes go up and up.  From Property to Food to Drinks to Cigarettes…even Doctors soon to be forced to charge Taxes.   OK, we are all caught in this…while OUR income remains ‘stable’.  No raises to US, just more out FROM us.  Aho?

This means cutting costs to MEET costs.  Aho?

There ARE ways to “do well”, despite the taxes.

One of the Easiest is on FOOD.  “Grazing”.  IE: how to supplement your food needs by using Greens FOUND IN NATURE.

I’ve had a few visitors in the last few weeks…and introduced them to WILD CUCUMBERS.  This, the lower INSIDE of CAT-TAILS.  The HEART smells AND TASTES just like Cucumber!


Better know though, as the “tails” grow, the hearts become “woody”…no good.


To my wife and I, Cattails are the BEST PLANT for MANY things.  Food to Clothing Insulation, to Building, to Spear or Arrow…and perhaps a half dozen other things.

Many States have these…and MOST folks have No IDEA they are driving by God’s GARDEN, daily.

Dandelions…a weed to YOU maybe, but FOOD and Wine to US.

Carp and Suckers…”Trash fish”…here we can catch AS MANY AS WE CAN…and NO FISHING LICENSE NEEDED…Year ROUND!  “Trash?”

Not if you know how to fix ’em!  DANG, they’re delicious!

Most toss out Potato Peelings.  Why?  WASH and De-Eye before peeling and dip in oil and salt them…then into the oven to make a mass of Nutritious POTATO CHIPS!

Asparagus “hard end” cut offs: BOIL INTO A SOUP!

I’m telling you this to help you become aware of your lack of knowledge.  A lack that keeps you “cutting back”…and eventually DESPERATE.

Can sure wear a soul down.

You may say “GOD! WHY!!!”

And He quietly says  “Look out your window.  All there for you.  Why do you WEEP?”

“He” has provided…even books in Library AND on Internet SEARCH….AND given you your Brain to use.  WHY DON’T YOU START USING IT?



THIS in an Opportunity to LEARN!



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  1. 1st point , A large many thanks for you to open my eyes….