Another Time, Another Place

July 5, 2003

Hi Red Elk,

I hope you and your family is doing well. I wanted to let you know that you told me my boyfriend “isn’t the one and that’s fine, but we have been working on a project together, and I told him about my UFO experience. He wants to go out there and look for them with me. I told him that scared me, but hell, I do have a daughter out there, why not. Do you have any advice on where to go? To look for UFO’s? I know about Trout Lake near Mt. Adams.

Talk to you soon,


Red Elk responds:

That’s the only “Local” area that will get you the best “shot”.  I can get you as close as 50 yards…in distant Mexico.


Tenzing and I never saw each other again….until 7 years later.

May 20, 2010

Red Elk,
Last night I was going through the beginning e-mails between us and I found this one! This is amazing because the last time I saw my boyfriend was on July 4, 2003. Now in this e mail I refer to a statement you must have made to me that “your boyfriend wasn’t the one”.
I think this is an interesting concept. The way I read this is – THEN – Nope it wasn’t in Gods plan, but of course as you can see – he is the One to me for sure, and visa versa ….
What are your thoughts, maybe there is a blog post here about parallel times, or something….?
Red Elk Responds:
Quite possible (for NOW (then) ).  I DID know NOT at this TIME when I said it.  Didn’t want you “jumping the gun” and screwing up.  Wouldn’t be ready for it…EITHER ONE of you.  Not at THAT particular time in your (both) lives.  Aho?

Parallel Time is a funny thing….know One guy who DIED in a plane crash…but was before me talking.  He DID Die…in THAT Parallel Time.  Even had newspapers of it…He’s a Purovia Medicine man.  “How can I Be DEAD and STILL ALIVE, Red Elk!???” Told him “ever hear of Parallel Time?”
“TIME JUMP!  That’s all.”

There are LESS then 5, AROUND THE WORLD, who know how to enter Parallel Times “On Demand”.  Or so I’m told by a Brother Medicine Man (Elk Chief).  He should know…one of North and South America(s) top 10 in the Medicine Field.
He asked me to teach this to him.  I turned him down.  “Sorry Bro. If you’re to learn, then the Creator will teach you.  You know better then to ask”.
He apologized…(“Had to ASK, tho”).
To teach this is to open a 2 way door.  One you can go into…and OTHERS can get to US through!
So MANY Parallel Times….Trillions of TRILLIONS OF BILLIONS!  Maybe beyond mans’ ability to count.
Earths Governments are WAR-LIKE.  Conquerors.  They’d try to INVADE.  Even more so….:Others” TOO would try to invade US!
If I were to open a door…and our Governments were taught this…well, if I were to do so to “help” ours….AND I WAS KILLED OR CAPTURED….that door would FOREVER be open.
See what I mean?
No, nothing to play with.  Aho?
As told to my Other Me, “There’s FAR MORE TO LIFE THEN YOU REALIZE!”!

A month ago I witnessed a terrible accident…small car caught/dragged between to Big Rig Double Trailer hauler…I could see the driver (little car) being crushed…head included.  Witnessed the whole thing from mere feet away….then: NOTHING!  Just the BIG TRUCK going on its way.  NO Accident!  Not HERE…but WAS, THERE.
I can watch Parallel Time at will during a certain time of night….ANY night…less then 1/2 mile from our house.  Seeing OTHER TIME traffic on the freeway….but in THAT Parallel Time…not THIS one.
I’ve “crossed over” a number of times…have had a BALL with THOSE TIMES!  Even went to the OTHER ME there and shocked HIM into speechlessness.  I knew all abut “him/ME”…and explained what was going on.  Advised this respected businessman in town Counsel member that “there is FAR MORE then what he  knew, about LIFE.  Told him “you go to church, not because you “Believe”  but because it “keeps on your ‘prestige’ as a ‘decent guy’. Your “Image”.  Your “way” of “proving” to all you’re a ‘fine guy’ and ‘worthy’. Your happy ‘as is’….You THINK!…but deep inside, its all a facade, AND YOU KNOW IT!  LOOSEN UP GUY!  Be REALLY Happy….there IS a REAL GOD….MEET ‘HIM’….Fulfill your PROPER destiny!  In this, you will NOT be FALSE and you’ll KNOW your Life’s JOY and the FREEDOM OF IT!”   Finished up with “you will know about this being a parallel time, as I walk to my truck.  Watch, and I’ll disappear…back to Mine.”  And walked into the Unseen “Fog”.
All this time he just stood, STARING.  Never a WORD from him!
Yup, he’d met just ONE of his/mine MANY “Selves”….THIS ONE.   Aho?
The times I’ve had traveling into “my” many Parallel Times!

My first Trip was a Creator Given one….most would call it a Fluke.  I was just starting on my Medicine Learning.  Age 10.
I can’t recall Why I was doing what I did….but, on hands and knees…started to crawl behind my grandparents big flowery couch  (Hide and Seek game with my sister, I think).  Anyway, started squeezing in….into a Suddenly BLACKNESS!  Shocked me so much I back straight out.
This blackness wasn’t what man calls Black….this was SO BLACK it ABSORBED COLOR…INCLUDING our Black!
It was more a “O” Black.
In this, there were LIVING THINGS….EYES!  Eyes I could see Only via my Peripheral (side of eye) vision.
When they’d see me SEEING THEM, it was like they closed their eyelids and thus totally disappear.
I tell you True…it was down-right WEIRD!
I backed out like an Atlantic’s ROCKET (Slow on Take off, then gaining speed).  STRAIGHT Back  (had no choice, no room to turn OR go to a side…even a bit).
I had my orders…”tell NO ONE you are a Medicine Man Apprentice”…so told no one.
Once I WAS a “graduate”, I was then  Ordered TO tell (go public). (This goes against Tradition…”word of mouth” OF OTHERS).
It wasn’t till then that I shared this event.
Well, that Trip was a For-Runner.  An Introduction to that Parallel Time.  HAVE SEEN IT A FEW TIMES SINCE.
NEVER a welcome sight….UNLESS it’s to go and see/understand its PURPOSE.
ALL THE OTHER TIMES are like a ROVING “Spider” Trap.  CAN OCCUR ANYWHERE at ANY TIME!!!   (I call this Parallel place “the place of the Spiders…as those eyes remind(ed) me of HUGE Spiders).  DAMN SCARY Time!
Once, in Seattle (Navy) I and three friends emerged out of a movie house. There were five other about four ‘daters’ ahead of us.  They and we going the same way on the sidewalk.  THEY WALKED INTO ONE OF THOSE ROVING TRAPS!  DISAPPEARED RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES!
ALL of us stopped DEAD STILL!
“WHAT was  T  H  A  T!” one said to me…eyes Huge.
“Never mind” I told them….”Follow me!”
I turned around with them and went around 2 – 3 city blocks before going  back to our originally planed route.  Making sure we had by-passed the trap (I HOPED).  Did.
What happened to those other kids I don’t know.  May still be roving around in there yet, trying to find their way out. IF somehow they are still alive.  Then too, they may have turned and managed to find “the door”.  Sure Hope so!
These “doors” are not very large…but big enough to “swallow” a car.  Saw THAT happen once TOO!  GOD HELP THE OCCUPANTS.
On THAT…TWO or THREE times, I got off the side of the road (Freeway)! And sat for several minutes, till I was SURE it had “caught its pray” and moved on.  Watched one “swallow” three cars! One after another, before THAT “door” moved on.
CAN you get out?  YES!  I learned THAT on my first Trip.  The trick is: BACK UP QUICKLY, but BACK UP in the SAME IDENTICAL LINE YOU WENT IN…even a FOOT off, and you’ll NOT FIND THE DOOR!
I suspect these Roaming Traps will become more and more, as our Earths’ Inner Vibrations (of the coming “flip”) increases.
Think it’s time now to share all this…so other folks will read, and KNOW…and Know HOW to get out.
IF you go STRAIGHT FORWARD IN…then go STRAIGHT FORWARD BACK.  Don’t even TURN to go back!  STOP! and REVERSE!
If you are in a car, do DITTO (and hope you don’t get rammed by a car that was/is behind you).
BETTER to get RAMMED then be in THERE Till you die!
The Parallel Time place would be EXCELLENT to take “errant” ones into….with food / water and Flashlights…and have them “outta or hair”.  Go in on a schedule to re-supply.  BUT KNOW THIS:  That “Blackness” ABSORBS LIGHT! “SUCKS” it.  You’ll see MAYBE 3 – 4 FEET…and  only the first few INCHES are “strong”.
It’s no place to be into…accident OR sent.
Would sure cure any “errant” Ones in a hurry!  Would NOT want to “act up” EVER AGAIN if they knew they’d be sent in there PERMANENTLY!
I THINK there are a number of PERMANENT Traps around our planet.
Like any spiders, they each have their own ways of Trap Making.  Thus Permanent and Roamers.  Aho?
The ones I’ve experienced are/were all like roaming TRAP DOOR SPIDERS ones.  Aho?
The Permanent I suspect are similar, but DON’T roam.  Aho?
It’s possible Missing People have been trapped.  One to Three areas… (in the Yukon) known for this.  Hear of others in South America,  One (at least) in the Russian Steps…Tibet…and Africa.
I don’t know if other Med. People are aware of these…of TRADITION.   Two others (at least) in our Inner Heyoka’ (12) are though..

PS: On SPIDER TRAP(s) Parallel Time;
I’ve never heard of the beings of this Parallel Time to kill.  THINK they wait till the “victim(s) die naturally…THEN “Partake”.
As for those reading who claim they want to be a “Medicine” Person….better think Twice!  It’s a CALLING…not a “I Wanna Be” EGO feeder.
Most of you COULDN’T ‘TAKE IT’!   My ONLY Apprentice COULDN’T….and He WAS Called!  3 days of training and he LEFT!   Has fought the calling every since.   re


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